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2-Stage Drum Sander

This our second drum sander design, and I think the best! It's incorporates Stumpy's 2-stage idea, allowing both the top and the bottom of the drum to be used. That means you can either feed wood through it, or just hold it on top of the machine for fast sanding of flat surfaces even edges! There isn't another drum sander with this capability ANYWHERE! It also has a hand cranked feed belt, and it uses inexpensive, easy to find 6" sanding belts! Oh, and the drums are swappable so you don't have to peel off the paper to change grits!


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You can help support all the woodworking goodness Stumpy and the gang does by purchasing a set of plans for this project! A HUGE amount of work went into designing and building it, including 3D modeling, creating and testing prototypes, making changes and doing it all again... why go through all that trouble when you can follow Stumpy's detailed plans? They include dimensional drawings, materials/cut lists, exploded views, even photographs and step by step instructions! You can download them to a computer, tablet or phone, even print them out to take with you into the shop.

Below are some samples of what our new woodworking plans look like-


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