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Stumpy Nubs isn't your average woodworker. So he doesn't publish an average woodworking journal. Instead, Stumpy and his pals have created a virtual magazine full of all the stuff regular woodworking journals wish they had! On these pages you'll find loads of videos and articles full of truly innovative ideas sure to make your skills sharper and your workshop better. From amazing homemade jigs and machines to countless "why didn't I think of that" tips and tricks, it's all presented with the trademark wit that has caught the woodworking world by storm and earned Stumpy two prestigious Nordys academy choice awards! You don't need a subscription and you don't have to wait weeks for the next issue because more great content is added to these pages all the time. Stop in at least once a week to see the latest "issue" and don't forget to sit back and have a cold one, you've earned it!


The Latest Workshop Improvement Video
Stumpy take another look at his unique box joint jig, and decides to make it even unique-er! The new version is a sight to behold, and the video is done in a humorous "interview" parody style! (Posted 4/13/14) The Latest Weekend Project Video
McNugget the shop chicken laid her 1 millionth egg, and Mustache Mike wants to commemorate the occasion. So he takes the cameras into his personal workshop where he builds his first "regular woodworking" project in years! But he's still under the watchful eye of Stumpy, who tries his best to find some sort of mistake! (Posted 4/1/14) Award winning woodworking info-tainment published weekly!


IN THIS ISSUE.... The Latest "Dear Stumpy" Video Blog
Was that Stumpy in an old issue of Pouplar Woodworking magazine? He gets out some family photos to solve the mystery... (Posted 2/19/14) The Latest Review Video
Dennis Zongker has a new book on making wooden boxes- but these aren't any ordinary boxes... The Latest Woodworking Tip
Mustache Mike is sick of the mess that builds up around the rim of his paint cans. So he's fixing the problem once and for all!

Get the new box joint jig plans HERE!



A new dust collection section, full of videos, articles, tips and reviews on everything from cheap shop vacs to expensive cyclones to keep your shop clean and safe!


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Love homemade woodworking jigs and tools? Stumpy has been hard at work on several amazing "inventions" which will be coming to a video near you in the next few weeks! Here's a sample:


- A homemade Festool Domino Joiner

- A RouterBoss/WoodRat style machine

- A dovetail key joinery machine

-A bench top pocket hole drilling machine

-An improved homemade drum sander

-A bench top three wheel band saw





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