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I love "The Woodwright's Shop". Not your standard "it's a great show" kind of love, mine is more of a "name my first born son Roy Underhill Woodwright Nubs" kind of love. To me it's not just a show about woodworking, it's a show about life. Roy is an advocate for an entire way of living, a near forgotten lifestyle that he's tried to preserve through his television show for well over thirty years. It's about self sufficiency, respect for our environment. our craft and the values we pass on to the next generation. Through hundreds of episodes he's created a resource that can't be found anywhere else, a time capsule filled with the knowledge of our forefathers. I learn something new every time I watch, and I'm often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information.

This guide has been created to help organize this massive collection of woodworking goodness complete with my personal thoughts on each episode.

Sometimes my thoughts are serious, sometimes they're sarcastic, sometimes they're just direct quotes from the Woodwright himself. But after carefully examining each episode I have a lot to say about how we have a lot to learn from good ol' Roy Underhill. So sit back and take a tour through the series. We'll start with the very first episode, and new articles will be posted regularly as our journey through the decades continues. After reading an article you may wish to watch the original episode. All of the early seasons are available on DVD or by subscription at

My tribute to the best show on television...

More Coming Soon!


Episode 1: Making Tool handles

Season 2... 1980/81

Episode 8: A Visit to the Williamsburg Blacksmith

Episode 2: The Shaker Candle Stand


Episode 9:

Episode 10: Window Sashes

Episode 4:

Episode 11: Boat Building

Episode 5: Making Drawers

Episode 12: Toy Making

Episode 6: Vintage Tool Hunting

Episode 7: Hand Saws

Links above will become click-able once the article is posted.


Episode 1: Inner Woodworking

Season 3... 1981/82

Episode 8: Furniture Carving

Episode 2: Workbench P1

Episode 9: Whetstone Quarry

Episode 3: Workbench P2

Episode 10: The Gunsmith

Episode 4: Cooper's Bucket

Episode 11: Wood For the Weaver

Episode 5: Blanket Chest

Episode 12: The Luthier

Episode 6: Simple Gifts

Episode 13: The Basketmakers

Episode 7: Whimsy Diddling

Links above will become click-able once the article is posted.

Episode 1: The Dominy Shop

Season 4... 1982/83

Episode 8: Kitchen Gifts

Episode 2: A Spring Pole Lathe

Episode 9: Raising the Shop

Episode 3: Ball and Claw Feet

Episode 10: Building a Boat

Episode 4: The Wainscot Chair

Episode 11: Rittenshouse Hygrometer

Episode 5: Tool Boxes and Chest

Episode 12: Corner Cupboard

Episode 6: Chip Carving

Episode 13: High Chair

Episode 7: Good Fences

Links above will become click-able once the article is posted.

Watch Stumpy and Roy together at Woodworking in America 2015

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