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The Tormek Sharpening System... Worth the investment?

   (Video Transcript) My name is Stumpy Nubs, and I am a sharpening addict. It’s been three or four minutes since I last honed a chisel. My friends all say I need to get help, my wife hides her kitchen knives when I come into the kitchen, even my kids won’t come near me because they’re afraid of getting cut. I just can’t help myself. And it’s all Tormek’s fault! I didn’t feel this way at first. I mean, I always put off sharpening until I absolutely had to. But my woodworking buddies said you should get a Tormek, it’ll change everything for you. Well, I finally did, and now I know what they meant.

   The biggest obstacle for me was the price. I’m not going to lie to you, these machines aren’t cheap. I knew they worked because every review I ever saw about them was positive. But is it really worth the investment. Well, after spending some time with it, the verdict is in. And at the risk of losing my membership to the international cheapskate’s club, I have to say yes, it may very well be worth pulling the trigger on. Let me tell you why.

   The Tormek has several features that make it way better than other systems. But the main selling points for me are its quality, safety, micro adjustability and versatility. Let’s take those one at a time, shall we.

   Quality- Everything about the Tormek says quality. Plastic is found only where you want it, like the water trough. Just about everything else is steel, stainless steel, or some other high quality material. The motors are built to live forever and the jigs are by far the nicest I’ve ever used.

   Safety- Most bench grinders run at about 3500 RPM. Slow speed grinders are about 1750. The Tormek spins at a snail’s pace- between 100-120 RPM. You have far more control over the tool, you could even touch the stone while it’s spinning without getting hurt. There are no sparks, no metal shavings flying in your face because it all washes away. And that water combines with the slow speed to keep your tool cool. I really don’t think you could overheat an edge even if you tried.

   Micro adjustability- Tormek’s vast collection of specialized jigs all attach to the machine’s bar. While the jigs themselves have various built in adjustments, the majority of your bevel angles are determined by the distance between that bar and the stone, and being able to micro adjust with the turn of a dial makes all the difference in the world. Setting up a tool is more accurate, and adding a micro bevel to an edge is even easier.

   Versatility- The new stone design is a marvel in itself. You can actually change the grit from 220 to 1000 using the stone grader. And having a leather honing wheel charged with stropping compound attached makes it fast and easy to take an edge from dull to razor sharp. They even make a set of profiled leather wheels for turning and carving tools. And with a jig for just about anything, there’s pretty much nothing it won’t sharpen.

   So, how do you justify the investment? It depends on how much you want to sharpen. If you only sharpen a chisel now and then, it may be a bit much. If you’re really into wood turning or carving, which are tough tools to sharpen, it’s going to make a lot more sense for you. If you’re one of those guys that sharpens everything in the workshop, shed, house, neighbor’s house, local restaurants, barber shops, knife factories… well you, get my point. This system is for serious sharpeners both in the workshop and anywhere else there’s an edge that needs honing. Bottom line is, if it’s in your budget, you will never regret it, and coming from a guy so cheap he hangs his old skivvies in the bathroom as hand towels, that’s saying something, and that’s why the Tormek has received the coveted designation as one of Stumpy Nubs favorite things!




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