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A lot of woodworkers like the convenience of tool rolls for their chisels and gouges. But I've noticed some people load their chisels in blade first, and others prefer handle first. Which is correct? It depends.


I load my carving gouges handle first because it makes it easier to find the one I want. But, I've knicked myself on all those sharp edges more than once while I'm selecting a tool. So, I have to be careful. I also try to be careful when I roll it up, so the edges don't bang into each other.


Watch the video...

...or read about it.

I load my chisels into their rolls blade first to keep the sharp edges covered, and because I can place two narrow chisels in the end pocket, fitting five in a roll designed for four. Since I keep them in order by size, I don't have to worry about hunting for the right one without seeing the blades.


Some people ask if the sharp edges are more likely to damage the tool roll this way, but if the edges weren't in contact with the pockets, they'd be in contact with the flap, so there's a risk either way. However, I find that a good, thick leather roll is more than durable enough.

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