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My father used to say that whenever he handed me a tool. It was supposed to remind me that tools can be dangerous; but it also impressed upon me the need to keep my tools sharp. Another common saying is "A dull tool is more likely to cut you than a sharp one." I'm not sure how true that is, but the real message behind that statement is that sharp tools are easier to use. With all the folksy wisdom floating around, it's a wonder that so many people still neglect this important skill.


Perhaps the problem is that there are so many ways to sharpen your tools, and everyone seems to have a different opinion about which ones are the best. I have tried them all, from sandpaper to expensive machines. And I can tell you this- when done properly, any of the common methods will get an edge sharp. The differences come down to speed, cost, convenience and repeatability. Understanding which of these factors are most important to you will help you choose the right sharpening technique.


This section of our website is intended to be an ever growing resource of videos and articles covering various sharpening methods. Check back often as more  content is added! (

The latest sharpening resources:

More will be added periodically, so check back often! (Sign up for our email list)

"Don't cut your face off!"

Sharpening with diamonds-

Choosing the right diamond stones

Answers to important questions a lot of people have about this method of sharpening.

Diamond Sharpening Turning Tools

A fast and easy method for honing HSS and carbide turning tools with this diamond kit.

Diamond Sharpening Forstner Bits

How to sharpen various types of forstner bits with this diamond kit.

Diamond Sharpening Router Bits

Learn how to sharpen your own carbide router bits with this diamond kit.

Sharpening with sandpaper, stones and films-

Introduction to Sandpaper Sharpening

What you need for a "scary sharp" system.

(Rockler plate glass kit available here.)

Oil Stones vs. Diamond Stones

What are the differences, and which type should you use for tool sharpening?

Power sharpening-

A First Look at the new Tormek T-8

What's the difference between the T-8 and the old T-7? (Check the Tormek price on Amazon)

Why is the Tormek System So Expensive?

We ask Tormek Sweden's North American Representative about the iconic system.

Work Sharp 3000 Tips

A guide to solving common issues, saving money and getting back to work fast!

Make A Bench Grinder Tool Rest

An adjustable tool rest with a twist.


Miscellaneous sharpening-

How to Sharpen A Card Scraper

Tips for sharpening a card scraper.

(Tips for using the scraper are found here.)

M-Power Diamond Sharpening Guide

A new twist on "free hand sharpening" with this unique tool.

Is 1000-Grit Sharp Enough?

Are we guilty of over-sharpening? You may be surprised what we find out! (COMING SOON)

Upgrading Your Work Sharp

How to save money on sandpaper, and more!

(An extensive article based on the video is here)

(Get a guide to upgrading the WS3000 here.)


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