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Blue Collar Woodworking with Stumpy Nubs; Special Episodes

Occasionally we do special videos for contests, promotions, or just for fun. We always try to be creative with these, usually doing something funny, unique, or even embarrassing. Lots of companies ask us to make special videos for them, and we have several in the works at any given time. This is the place we post the best ones- the ones we think you will most enjoy. So... enjoy!

NOTE: This page includes a LOT of videos. Give it a minute or so to load and then you will be able to easily navigate from one to the next simply by clicking the title bars.

  • The very first Stumpies!

    Our first awards show- this was the climax to our "build something from a 2X4" contest.

  • The Stumpies II

    We mock the Oscars during our second contest awards show. This time we choose the best jig designs!

  • Message to survivors of the Mayan Apocalypse

    Everyone was expecting the world to end on December 21, 2012. Even Stumpy... well, maybe not.

  • Rappin Roy Underhill Impersonation- What inspires Stumpy Nubs

    A humorous video we did for Rockler when they asked woodworkers what inspired them. This video won the grand prize in the 2013 Nordy's Video Contest

  • 2012 Nordy's Video Contest compilation by Rockler

    This is a compilation of the entries in the first Nordy's Video Contest, sponsored by Rockler, who asked woodworkers what inspired them.

  • Festool's World's Finest Woodworker

    We made this video for Festool's 2012 Video contest. It is a parody of the popular Dos Equis commercials featuring the "world's most interesting man".

Check back often for more special videos!



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