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Rockler Dust Right dust collection system
  • VIDEO: Entire System Review

  • VIDEO: Quick Release Fittings Review

  • VIDEO: Flex Hose Review

We did a whole series of episodes on Blue Collar Woodworking about the importance of fine dust collection. Our solution was a homemade cyclone and six inch duct work. But I am also a realist. I know not everybody has the room or the budget for a system like that. A lot of shops are mobile and the dust collection has to be easy to swap between machines. So I did some testing and I think the Rockler Dust Right system is the best option for a number of reasons.


First, the hose is amazing! It compresses into a tight little coil one seventh it's full size and fits on a neat little storage rack. Imagine a 28 foot length that squeezes down to just 4 feet! This makes putting stuff away a lot easier!


Second, the quick release fittings make it fast and easy to grab that hose and walk right to the machine you need. You pop the hose on, and you're ready to go. Making it that easy and efficient means you are far more likely to use your dust collector for even a quick cut.


Check out the video reviews below for more details, and a few laughs!


NOTE: Below you will find three videos. Click on the title bars to reveal each one.




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