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I love these little hockey pucks, and not just because they have the word “cookie” in the name. Although that helps, which is why I also love Kevin Bacon and the band “Cake”. But Bench Cookies are my favorite because they keep stuff put. I especially like to use them while sanding and routing. The neoprene surfaces keep the work piece from sliding across the bench.


Now, other brands  make these things, and they work well too. I especially like the Craftsman version which has an even more grippy surface. But the Bench Cookies have threaded inserts in the bottoms that allow for the attachment of accessories. The risers are the best, which lift the work piece higher off the bench for tasks like jig sawing, etc. The finishing cones are nice too. The sawhorse clips are a fantastic idea!


Overall I find the Bench Cookies to be very high quality, in fact they appear to be the best made of all the brands. The neoprene surfaces are well attached, the threaded inserts are steel, and the accessories are very well made too. I have no problem giving these the full five stars.


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