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What Kind of "reviews" are these, anyway?

"Stumpy's Favorite Things" are his way of telling you about the tools and woodworking products he actually likes to use. Unlike other tool reviewers, Stumpy doesn't waste time telling you about tools he doesn't like. Here we focus on the good stuff, the "favorite things" at the Stumpy Nubs workshop, and we introduce a new concept: a tool review that doesn't bore the crap out of you! Stumpy combines his trademark wit with his woodworking wisdom to deliver short videos that inform and entertain. You may or may not agree with his "favorite things", but you are sure to enjoy the show!


Some of the products in these videos were purchased for our own use, others were provided by various companies. Stumpy never accepts a tool with the promise of a good review. If it's junk, he sends it back. None of these videos are paid advertisements, just Stumpy's unbiased opinion.

Power Tool and Accessory Reviews

ClearVue Cyclone

Old Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Harbor Freight Drill Presses

Harbor Freight Dust Collector

Harbor Freight Diamond Electric Planer

Wynn Dust Collection Filters

Work Sharp 2000 vs. 3000

Work Sharp Accessories

Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

Tormek Sharpening System & Jigs

CNC Battle: The X-Carve vs. the CNC Shark

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