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Episode #6: Interview with Roy Underhill
TRANSCRIPT: Introduction: Hi, I’m Stumpy Nubs and this is Old Timey Woodworking. If you’re new to the show, it’s all about preserving the tools and techniques of the past. You can find past episodes at, and there you can also find my informative and entertaining blog titled “The Woodwright’s Review”, which gives you an insider’s look at the only show better than Old-Timey Woodworking. Roy Underhill has been filming the Woodwright’s shop since I was just a little nub, and it’s no secret that he has inspired me and thousands of other woodworkers. So about a year ago I started going through the old, original episodes, one at a time, and writing a series of in-depth reviews full of tips, tricks and background information for the aspiring Woodwright. We just began season two, and to kick it off in style I got ahold of Roy and set up a meeting. As it turned out, both Roy and I were scheduled to be speakers at this year’s Woodworking in America event in Kansas City. So we decided to spend some time together in front of the audience talking about all sorts of behind the scenes stuff. It was a once in a lifetime experience, and you had to be there to hear the whole thing. But for this special edition of Old-Timey woodworking I’ve put together some of the best parts, focusing on Roy and his show. Now, we weren’t really set up for proper filming, and the sound is pretty bad. But that’s the price you pay for missing the live event. So, without further ado, here’s Roy Underhill and me, Stumpy Nubs at WIA 2015! Conclusion: Thanks to Roy Underhill for being such a good sport, and for the nice bookstand he made for me. We’ll be building one of these in a future episode of The Old Timey Workshop, so be sure and subscribe to us on Youtube and don’t forget to check out past episodes, and my Woodwright Review blog over at You can also get a copy of Roy’s new woodworking novel at

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