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Stumpy wasn't the first woodworker, not even in his own family. He traces his roots all the way back to "Pappy Nubs", a true old-timey craftsman if ever there was one. Details about Pappy are sometimes sketchy. Stumpy has been known to tell stories from Pappy's days in George Washington's army, right after recounting the time he built a round table for an Englishman named King Arthur. Pappy lived a long and full life, and he lives on today as his memory inspires Stumpy to make all sorts of things with the tools and techniques of Pappy's time... whenever that was.


Want to learn how to build and use a 18th century cabinet maker's bench? Made from 2X6's? How about making your own hand planes, or learning to sharpen and use one of the hundreds of antique tools in Stumpy's collection? In these episodes you'll follow the ways of the old timers, rediscover the peace and quiet of an unplugged shop, and learn the history of the craft we all love so much.


Old-Timey Woodworking is one of the most popular hand tool pod casts on line!

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