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Mike is a man of many talents. Obviously he excels as Stumpy's sidekick "Behind the Sawdust". But what many people don't know is that "the Stash" is a woodworker in his own right. In fact he has a cozy little shop can get away from stumpy and find some peace. Now he has his own show where he'll be teaching the magical arts of the scroll saw and the lathe. And he'll do it all with the style and panache you've come to expect from a Stumpy Nubs production. Check out past episodes below!




Episode #7: Spiral blades, and scroll saw tips

Episode #1: Scroll Saw History

Episode #2: Scroll Saw Types

Episode #3: Scroll Saw Blades

Episode #4: Scroll Saw Tension

Episode #5: Scroll Saw Materials

Episode #6: Scroll Saw Curve Cutting

Episode #7: Spiral blades and misc. tips

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