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What do we think about the new Meze Classic 73 Wooden Headphones?


First off, they're stunning. I mean, look at these suckers! That's hand carved ebony, which immediately appeals to me as a woodworker. Wearing these around the shop just makes me look good! Each set has a different look, with its own unique grain pattern. They come in a high gloss or a satin finish. I got the satin, but now I wish I'd gone for the gloss. Story of my life... But at $239, those good looks don't come cheap. So are they more than just a pretty face?


Let's get one thing straight: I know what sounds good to me, but my ear is less discerning than that of a true audiophile. That said, I found the quality to be outstanding. Bass was deep but not so much that it drowns out the vocals. The highs were crisp and clear. Meze claims that their uniquely warm sound is a direct result of the ebony wood, setting them apart from other wooden headphones. I found them to be very comfortable, they adjust smoothly and the cups are thickly padded. They come with a removable cable that also features a wooden end- a nice touch. They also appear to be very durable, but I wouldn't abuse them. These are high end headphones, designed for those who like a little bit of luxury. I'm not sure they're a must for a woodworker just because they're made from wood, but I sure like them!


Visit the Meze website here

A more thorough review video by Tech of Tomorrow

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