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M-Power Precision Sharpening System

TRANSCRIPT: Sometimes I just want to sharpen a chisel fast. No plugging in, no jigs to mount or angles to set, no hassles. You may be able to just walk over to a stone and hold the precise angle free hand, but that takes a lot of practice and a many never seem to master the technique. If you’re one of those people, this neat little setup may be just what you’re looking for.


It’s M-Power’s precision sharpening system and it has literally turned sharpening upside down. What’s so unique about it is you lay your tool flat and pass the stone over top of it, rather than vise-versa like most people sharpen. All you do is place your tool on it, pop in one of five different diamond plates, and slide the carriage back and forth in the dovetailed track. You can quickly swap from one diamond plate to another and keep right on going. I can be back to work in less than a minute, much faster than with any other jig.


It’s fast because it’s accurate. The body is precision machined aluminum with low friction inserts. The diamond plates, which are held in place with rare earth magnets, are perfectly flat. One side of the carriage is dead on 25 degrees, the other is 30 degrees. That means you get exactly the same angle every time. Precise repeatability is important because if your tool has a 30 degree bevel angle, and your jig is off by even a tiny bit, you’ll have to grind away more material to make up the distance. Having a jig like this that simply can’t be set up wrong saves a lot of time both in initial setup and in actual strokes needed to achieve an edge. You can even further speed up the process by sharpening to a 25 degree bevel, then adding a micro bevel with the 30 degree side. Now you only need a few strokes with the 1000 grit plate each time you refresh your edge.


As with everything, there are some tradeoffs. There is a 1000 grit deburring plate for the back of the tool, but your back should already be flat before you use this. Otherwise you’ll have to use traditional methods to take care of that process. And you only get two angles, 25 and 30 degrees. If you want a micro bevel, it’s going to be five degrees rather than one or two. But for everyday sharpening of just about any chisel or plane iron, this is the fastest percision jig I’ve seen.


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