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Stumpy has always been a "big idea" kind of guy, and now he has a place to share those ideas with you!  Below you'll find the latest original designs from the Stumpy Nubs Workshop. You can build them yourself, modify and improve on them if you see fit, and impress your woodworking friends! Just be sure to give Stumpy at least some of the credit!




1. All plans come in PDF format which can be viewed on any PC or MAC, even smart phones and tablets. You will need an app that will open PDF files. Several free versions are available. I recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader.


2. Because of piracy issues, we no longer offer Sketchup versions of our plans.


2. After you complete your purchase an email will be sent to you with a link to download your plans. If you don't get that email, check your junk mail folder!


3. If you have questions concerning your plans, use the "contact Stumpy" link. Be sure that you check your junk mail folder if you don't get a response.


4. Some have had difficulty downloading PDF files using an iPad. If this is the case, download them to your desktop computer and then transfer them to your iPad or tablet if you wish.


5. ALWAYS check the additions/corrections page before beginning any project.

Bench-Top Biscuit Joiner

Dovetail Machine

Deluxe Shelf Pin Jig

3 Layer Clamp Rack

Hand Plane Till

Sliding Router Table

Deluxe Router Table Fence

Router Lift

Worksharp 3000 Mods

X-Y Drill Press Table

Compact Drill Press Table

2-Stage Drum Sander

Rotating Tool Stand

Jig Saw

2X6 Roubo Workbench

Electronics Valet

Laptop Workstation

Hand-Held Mortiser

(Like Festool Domino)

Ultimate Shop Cart

Table Saw Fence

TS Sliding Crosscut Table

Taper Jig (Free)

24" Band Saw

Deluxe Bench Hook/Shooting Board

AMAZING Multi-Function Table Saw Sleds

Shop Vac Cyclone

Woodwright's Review
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Horizontal Router


Before you begin a project, check here for any corrections and additions that may have recently been made to the plans.

Router Multi-Sled

Grinder Tool Rest


NEW Box Joint Jig

Make a Router Plane

Flip-Top Workstation

Router Multi-Sled

Tenon Jig (Incremental)

T-Track Downdraft Table

Deluxe Bench Hook/Shooting Board

Table Saw Workstation

Picture Frame Mouldings

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