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Everybody Loves Tools!

"Stumpy's Favorite Things" are our way of telling you about the tools we actually like to use. Unlike other tool reviewers, we don't waste time telling you about tools we don't like. Here we focus on the good stuff, the "favorite things" at the Stumpy Nubs workshops! So, have a look around, check out the tools and what we have to say about them.



Where do we get our tools?

We get many of our tools from the same places that you do. We buy them in retail stores and online. Sometimes we get sent samples from tool companies, but we NEVER exchange a positive review for a free tool. If we don't like the tool, we return it. And we turn down more then we accept.


How you can support us:

While we do not sell tools, we do have an arrangement with that pays us a small amount every time someone clicks on one of our tool links and makes a purchase, even if you don't purchase THAT particular tool. It's just a way thanks us for sending people to their site. So, please click on the links provided as a way of helping to support all of the free content we provide!


How to submit a tool for review:

We love testing new tools, so if you have a high-quality product, please contact us. Be aware that we refuse products that do not meet our standards, or that we don't consider to be a good fit for our audience.

"Cool Tools" Episodes-

Our monthly special episode of our Behind the Sawdust vlog about new tools on the market that we think are cool. Check out the latest edition below, or click here to see past editions!



Clicking on any of the tools below will take you to the review page, where you will find a video or an article.



Wynn Dust Collection Filters

ClearVue Cyclone

Tormek Sharpening System & Jigs

Old Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Harbor Freight Drill Presses

Harbor Freight Diamond Electric Planer

Work Sharp Systems and Accessories

CNC Battle: The X-Carve vs. the CNC Shark

Which should you invest in?

Work Sharp Field Sharpener

Crown Burnisher

Crown Gent's Saw

Stanley Fat Max Chisels

Harbor Freight Windsor #33 Hand Plane

Harbor Freight Diamond Needle File Set

Jorgenson Vise

Shop Fox D2822

Marking Gauge

Dust Right Hose & Fittings

Rockler Bench Cookies and Accessories

Rockler Silicone Glue Kit

Harbor Freight Magnetic Tool Strips

Incra Marking and Measuring Gauge

Kreg Mini Pocket Hole Jig

Milescraft Turn-Lock Router Base Plate

Pinnacle Router Positioner

Trend Saw Blades and Cleaner

Wixey WR300 Digital

Angle Gauge

X-Treme Tape

Finishing, Simply Put

by Charles Neil

A Reverence for Wood

by Eric Sloane

Country Pine Hutch

by Andrew Hunter



Everybody loves a good deal! So, when we find one, we like to tell you about it. In fact, some retailers give out special deals just for you! Clicking on the affiliate links below will let them know that you came to them from OUR website. That goes a long way toward supporting all of the work we do for free here at Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal, and you get a great deal too! Thanks for your support!

Special Tool Discounts for Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal Readers!

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