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When you design complex machines out of wood, and translate those designs into measured drawings and plans, mistakes are inevitable. While we work diligently to find them before a new plan is posted, we are occasionally informed of something that slipped by, which we post on this page.


NOTE: We usually update our plan files as soon as we learn of an error. So if you don't find one of these errors in your plans, you likely have the newest version.


Sliding Router Table

(There was an early edition of this plan with a 2014 copyright. These corrections apply to that version.)

1. On the materials list, the "lower drawer shelves" (O) should be 22 3/8 X 5 1/8"

2. On page 7 of the PDF plans, the second sentence gives an incorrect measurement. It should read: “Two are 23 ½” X 4” wide, another is the same length but just 2” wide, and four more are 2” wide but 22” long.” The measurements for these parts are correct in the parts list. (This was corrected in the book version.)

3. On page 11 in the book (not the PDF plans) the two side panel drawings are reversed. The top drawing is the "inner side panels" while the bottom is the "outer side panels." This error does NOT exist in the downloadable PDF plans.


(There was an second edition of this plan with a 2016 copyright. These corrections apply to that version.)

1. The drawer sides (Q) should be 22-3/8" X 2 3/4"

2. The machine screw on the materials list should be 1" long.


Router Lift

1. On the materials list, the upper lead screw block (P) should be 3 3/8 X 9 3/8" (Corrected in book version)

2. Step 10 says to draw a line 2-1/4" from the edge of panel C and D. This should be 1-5/8" (assuming your drawer slides are 1-3/4" wide, otherwise is half the width of the drawer slide plus 3/4")


Drum Sander (Dual Stage)

1. Step #22 incorrectly says to mark a line 1 3/4" from the end of parts "V & W". This should say 2 3/4".

2. The materials list should tell you that you'll need THREE 36" lengths of 1/4" threaded rod. (This was corrected in the book version) And it should also include FOUR 1/4" ID X 3/4" long steel spacers, and an 8" long 3/4" carriage bolt.

3. Step 16 should read "3 1/4" from the curved end", not 6".

4. The materials list says to cut your PVC drums 20" long. This should be 20 1/4"

5. There are four small holes in a row along the edge of panels A & D. These holes are 1/4" in diameter. Also, the dimension to the left of the big oval holes on those two panels should both be 2 1/2. (Not 2 5/8)

6. Part H on the cut list should be 2 X 22-7/16", not 2-3/4 X 22-7/16"; Part I should be 5" X 22 1/8".


Mega Sled

1. The parts list omits part “G”. It is 3 1/8 X36" and made from 3/4" plywood.

2. On the finger joint jig materials list change the dimension of parts Y & Z to 3 7/8” X 12”

3. On the Spline jig materials list change the dimension of part DD to 12 X 3 7/8”

4. On the materials list for the stop block, part UU should be 2" X 1-78"


Mini Sled

1. On the cut list the two fence brackets should be (E,F) rather than (D,F), and the 1/4" MDF inserts should be 16 1/2" long.

2. Space the fence brackets evenly along the back of the main panel.


NOTE ABOUT SLEDS: Some who have odd table saws (such as Shopsmith and some small bench-top saws) have reported that their miter slot happens to fall right beneath one of the slots in the bottom of the sled. So check your saw before cutting the slots. The slots can be moved as needed.


Miter Sled

1. Step #7 says "Glue parts E and F together...We will call this the E-F assembly." It SHOULD read "Glue parts A and B together... We will call this the A-B assembly." Subsequent steps (10 &11) that refer to the "E-F assembly" should also be changed to "A-B assembly" to reflect the change.

2. The two parts referred to in step #7 (A and B as noted above) have 45 degree bevels on their ends, as can be seen in figure #4. Step #7 refers to the bevels, but it should also actually tell you to cut them.

3. In the parts list, UU should be 2 X 1-7/8" and VV should be 1 X 1-7/8" (The labels "UU" and "VV" were transposed)

4. Some editions have an extra page at the end (shows steps 45-47). This is a leftover from our document template. Disregard this page.

5. Step #14 refers to figures 11 and 12, not to figures 16 and 17.

6. Step #31 describes the stop block shown in figure 22. In the text, 5" long should be 4-7/8" long, as stated on the parts list (part O).

7. And extra set of hold-down clamps may be attached with carriage bolts near ends the fence, as shown in the photo on the first page (on the far right and far left). Counter-bore holes for the carriage bolts so their heads are flush with the underside of the sled's base panel.


Downdraft Table

1. Step #2 says to "run the long edges" and step #3 says "run the short edges". These two terms should be reversed as can be seen in the diagram below the steps.


Table Saw Fence

Steps #19 & 20 are remnants from the template we use to create the plan. Disregard these two steps.


24" Band Saw

1. On the exploded view, the frame layers are labeled backward. They should be L5, L4, L3, L2 and L1 from front to back.

2. You may see a little notch cut into the spine of some of the frame layers that is not dimensioned. They are also briefly referred to as "recesses" in step #19. These "recesses" are not necessary and should be ignored on the dimensional drawings.


Table Saw Workstation

1. On step #29 "part 3AA" should read "part 3C"

2. In the book version (page 150) the plywood diagram on the bottom of the page (#4) should be 3/4" thick, not 1/2".

3. The drawer fronts (parts B, I and L) are shown on the 1/2" plywood sheet diagrams #1 & 2. They should be on the 3/4" plywood (#4).


Horizontal Router

1. On the parts cut list, parts "U & V" should be 12 1/4" X 2 1/2"


Shop Vacuum Cyclone

1. On the materials list there are two lines referring to "dust panels M and N". Disregard those two lines. They should not be there.


Router Multi-Sled

1. There are some missing measurements on the dimensional diagram- the 12 1/2" wide notch should be 1" deep, and the 8 1/2" notch should be 2" deep

2. On the dimensional diagram (page 3) there are two 3 7/8" measurements on the left side of the page. These should be 4 3/8".

3. Step 7 is a repeat of step 5, disregard it.

4. The left-most measurement on figure 10 is partially cut off. It should be 1 1/2"


Incremental Box Joint Jig

1. Steps 7, 8 and 11 refer to part "Q" when they should refer to part "O".

2. Figure #32 shows the threaded rod mounted in the wrong position. Be sure it is mounted FLUSH with the front edge of the panel, as described in step #11 and figure #13.

3. Part "W" on the cut list should be 1 7/8 X 5 3/8.

4. On the hardware list the t-bolts are listed as 1/4" but the knobs/wing nuts are 5/16". Either size is fine, but they should match.

5. Mounting the miter bar, and other questions were covered in this video


X-Y Drill Press Table

1. On the exploded diagram there is a strip labeled "FF". This is a runner, and does not need to be cut from wood. (See step #19)

2. On the plywood cutting diagram there is a little piece labeled "M". This was eliminated from the design and you will not need it.

3. On the cut list, "Drawer Sides W-Z" should be 13-3/4" X 3/4"


Tenon Jig (Incremental)

1. The two holes in part "C" are 1 1/4". There is a notch in the diagram for that part that doesn't appear in any of the build photos. This notch was added to keep the saw blade from cutting into the jig when it is set high for long tenons.


Router Table Fence (Incremental)

1. Part F on the cut list should be 23 1/2 X 7 7/8"

2. The square hole in the center of part F should be 4" wide.


If you don't see your plans listed, that means no additions or corrections have been made. If you have found an error, please let us know!

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