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Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal (SNWJ) is one of the very first fully digital woodworking magazines. Far more than a simple newsletter, SNWJ combines high quality video content with written articles on a variety of woodworking subjects. New issues are released monthly and are accessed directly through, and by means of emails sent to subscribers. Back issues are also available online.


While traditional woodworking magazines have recently expanded to provide digital content, SNWJ was born digital. Our roots are in the online woodworking community, where we built a successful YouTube channel (also one of the first). This experience convinced us that video is the future of woodworking media. Traditional magazines provide little more than scanned versions of their print editions, almost entirely composed of written material with little thought paid to the tremendous demand for video content. SNWJ takes the opposite, and we think the forward thinking approach. Our pages are filled with videos as well as articles, catering to a much wider range of readers/viewers.


If video is the future, why produce a magazine at all? Because the timeless feel of a magazine is still a highly desirable format when combined with the convenience of digital media. Once a month, woodworkers can relax with the latest issue of SNWJ on their tablets, smart phones or computers, knowing that they will find a variety of content. Each edition contains everything from homemade woodworking machines to the latest commercially manufactured tool innovations. They'll find lengthy tutorials and short tips whether they prefer to use power tools or work by hand. This type of variety is very rare on today's woodworking blogs and YouTube channels because they are produced according to what the particular creator happens to be fond of. SNWJ chooses content based on what our readers/viewers will enjoy, not on what we happen to be doing in our shop at the moment. We seek to teach, to entertain and to inform with every issue, every month.


Teaching at Woodworking in America 2015

Stumpy and Roy Underhill, Kansas City 2015

What is Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal?

Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal is a digital newsletter  published  by MWTco.


Subscriptions are free.



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 James Hamilton


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Mike Hamilton

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"Let's choose a name no woodworker would forget." That was the concept behind the creation of "Stumpy Nubs", a character in an online woodworking show  called Blue Collar Woodworking, launched on YouTube in 2011. It may not seem like long ago, but back then there were few YouTube channels dedicated exclusively to woodworking. Those that did exist were made up of short, specific videos or "vlogs." Blue Collar Woodworking was something completely different- a woodworking variety show. Each episode featured a central project, complimented by a selection of recurring segments including "Stumpy's Safety Tips," "Tools Stumpy Uses," "Ask Stumpy," "Things to Think About While the Glue Dries" and others. The viewer was invited into the fictional "Stumpy Nubs Workshop" where Stumpy struggled to run a business while managing a team of fictional helpers. Besides for Stumpy, only two other characters were ever seen on film (Mustache Mike and Chip McDowel). But the exploits of Randy, Joy and the Bunion Brothers were interwoven throughout each episode by means of  various updates between segments. Blue Collar Woodworking enjoyed a loyal cult following and attracted our first major sponsors. Even today we receive frequent requests for the show's return, as well as spinoffs  "Mustach Mike's Corner" and "Old-Timey Woodworking".


While "Stumpy Nubs" began as a character on a woodworking variety show, the name stuck. As predicted, people remember a woodworker with a name like that. So real-life woodworker and "Stumpy Nubs" creator, James Hamilton held onto his YouTube handle,   and even trademarked it in 2016. Truth be told, it's not his favorite name in the world. James is very happy being called "Jim". But tens of thousands of woodworkers call him Stumpy, and he's decided to embrace it.


James Hamilton himself is actually a bit more boring than "Stumpy Nubs" of the old Blue Collar Woodworking show.  Despite a common misconception, Jim is not a Yooper, though we still receive emails from viewers about it. (The opening introduction to the early episodes of Blue Collar Woodworking included a tribute to Michigan's upper peninsula, where the residents are known as Yoopers.) Born in Midland, Michigan in 1978, Jim's woodworking journey was influenced by his grandfather and grandfather's brother (who WAS a Yooper and is the one portrayed in that introduction.) For the first thirty years of his life he worked almost exclusively with a few hand tools, building book cases and simple furniture for his own needs. In those days, woodworking was a secondary hobby. Jim started out as an freelance artist specializing in pastel portraits, watercolors, pointillism and even a little Asian batik. He didn't have a woodworking shop because he and his wife (married in 1996) moved frequently, renting small apartments while working full time in a form of missionary service that eventually took them across Europe to the former Soviet republics. There he developed a serious health condition that forced him to settle down, purchasing a house in Michigan's Saginaw Valley. There he found the space, and the means to set up a proper woodworking shop. And the rest is history.

Who is Stumpy Nubs?

Signing autographs at Atlanta Woodworking Show

Glen Huey, Stumpy Nubs and Chuck Bender 2016

Posing for photos with friends and fans at The Woodworking Shows, Atlanta 2016

In addition to publishing Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal, we also produce tool reviews, video tutorials and a weekly vlog called Behind the Sawdust. Thousands of loyal fans watch Behind the Sawdust specifically for the tool reviews, making it the perfect platform for showcasing your products. That's one of the things that makes our audience unique in the woodworking world; they come to be informed, and they actually WANT to see interesting new tools! (Watch one of our Behind the Sawdust special "tool review" episodes here.) In addition to tool reviews, we also build long-term partnerships with carefully selected sponsors. These range from simple ads on our website and in issues of Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal, to fully sponsored videos and tutorials. Our rates are extremely competitive, and we have never had a sponsor leave us- something we are very proud of!


If you have a product that you would like to see on Behind the Sawdust, or would like to become one of our regular sponsors, please contact us using the form at the top of this page. Please be aware that we turn down more products than we accept for review. Top quality is a must! If you wish to receive a media kit, including our current web and subscriber stats, testimonials from current sponsors, and ideas about how we may work together, please request one using the form above.

Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

The Stumpy Nubs booth at Woodworking in America 2015 (Before doors opened)

James Hamilton is a full-time woodworking instructor, top-selling author, blogger, producer and publisher. He's been an instructor at the annual Woodworking in America conference since 2015; a fan favorite at woodworking shows and retail store events; and his work has appeared in some of the top periodicals and online resources in the industry. He's the author of The Homemade Workshop (Popular Woodworking Books, 2015) and the upcoming The Stumpy Nubs Guide to the Router and The Stumpy Nubs Guide to the Table Saw (Popular Woodworking Books 2018, 2019). He's the producer of one of the longest running woodworking channels on YouTube, and the editor of Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal. In 2017 James received the Woodworking Network "40 under 40 Award", given to innovators in the craft. James and his wife live in Michigan's Saginaw Valley area.

Fans coming to meet, have books signed by "Stumpy Nubs" at a Rockler store openings, 2017

Who is James Hamilton?

A James Hamilton (Stumpy Nubs) class at Woodworking in America 2016

Posing for photos by the big "Stumpy Nubs" banner at the International Woodworking Fair, 2016

Meeting fans and doing carving demonstrations in the Tormek/Sjobergs booth at the International Woodworking Fair, 2016

SPONSOR INQUIRIES: Upon request (above), we will happily provide a media kit detailing our web and other statistics, testimonials from current sponsors, and ways that we may partner together.

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