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Episode #38 - 8/2/2016 Transcript & links for content referenced in the video...

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Welcome back to Behind the Sawdust, or weekly-ish Vlog that tells you what goes on when the cameras are off at our two Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal shops. In this episode we’ll talk about some great homemade tools we’re working on, some big changes coming to Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal, two new books I’m writing, a few public events I’ll be at, and a new section on our homepage that will save you some cash.




This past week we’ve been working on tying up some loose ends, particularly for past and future issues of Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal.


One thing that had been weighing on me are the plans for the new box joint jig. A lot of people had been emailing me about them, so I was really glad to get those finished. This plan took more work than others because, even though the jig is pretty easy to build, it’s always easy to put those steps into words. So I used a lot of photos in this plan. And in the end I think it’s one of our best. I also finished a guide to making the router plane from the July issue. This one also has step by step instructions and lots of photos too. You can probably make the plane just by watching the video, but it sure is nice to have the plans all printed out to take to the shop and work from. I’ll put links to them in the show notes below this video.


I also thought you may be interested to know about some of the other projects we’re developing. I don’t know when they will be finished, but likely sometime before the fall. First we have a jig for spindle turning on the table saw. There are a couple of table saw lathe jigs out there already, but not one that will cut coves and beads on complex spindles. I’m not sure how this jig will work out, I haven’t built it yet. But we’ll see what happens. This one is actually part of an idea I’ve been playing with for making a Windsor chair almost entirely with a table saw. I also have a jig for shaping the seat I’m working on.


Another cool project in development is this cart for sliding under your floor standing drill press. It’s got everything, including slide out panels to hold all of your different bits and accessories, and even cordless power drills. This will be a great addition to our homemade workshop, which is where all of these homemade tools and jigs go after they’re finished, so they can be used in actual woodworking projects.


And speaking of drill presses, I’ve been working on a new drill press table. You may remember that a long time ago I made an X-Y drill press table that could be adjusted for all sorts of different tasks. What I didn’t like about that was the fact that is was so bulky. So I’ve been working on a new version that is much more compact. This one also features the pull-out bit storage that I made for our smaller drill press table some time ago. I have like the convenience those simple trays. And, of course we’ll have a replaceable insert and all that.


Another X-Y mechanism I’ve been working on lately is an upgrade for our horizontal routing machine with the tilting table. This new table will increase its uses even more, including slot mortising. It’ll have a plunge feature that can be controlled with stops and all sorts of other stuff. I designed it to be an add-on so, those of you who have already built the machine can retrofit this to it without any trouble. And we’ll figure out a way to get this new plan for free to those who already bought the first version.


I’ve also been playing around with an idea for a portable workstation for Tormek users. Some sort of storage cabinet that can be carried from one place to another, with room for your jigs and accessories. The idea is that some people with unheated shops may want to carry their machine inside the house to use it. Otherwise they risk freezing and breaking the stone. I don’t have any drawings for that yet, but we’ll see what we can come up with.


And while I have table saw turning on my mind, we’re going to be making a jig that will allow you to turn a bowl on a table saw, which is really cool. You’ll want to see this. And I have been in contact with another woodworker about a jig for cutting really precise wooden gears on the table saw. I’m really excited about that because wooden gears can be used to make all sorts of cool projects from clocks to, well, you’ll see. Yet another jig that should be finished soon is a new attachment for our table saw sled system. As you may know we designed both the Mega sled and the Mini sled to fit various jig attachments. Right now they come with a finger joint jig, a tenon jig and a spline jig. Soon we’ll also be including a dovetail cutting jig! It will be included with the full sled and jig package, and we’ll also make it available for free to everybody who bought the plans before this new jig was included. We’re also developing about a dozen other homemade jigs and machines, including sanding machines, sharpening machines, a homemade lathe, all sorts of things. You’ll find all of these, as they become available on the homemade tools section of our website, which you should really check out every week or so to see what’s new.


One thing that I get asked about quite a lot is when we will have plans available for the homemade Woodrat we built a couple of years ago. The answer is, I have no idea. The dovetail shaped bar that was at the heart of the tracking mechanism went out of production shortly after I built the thing, and there’s no point of making plans for something you can’t build. One of these days I will re-design it. Another thing I get asked about a lot is when we’ll have video available for the 24” band saw. My answer is the same as it has been for a while now- soon. We’ve been experimenting with some different ways to make the wheels and I want to include that in the video. The problem is I have so many things going that it has just been pushed forward, and I’m sorry for that. As soon as we get past the summer woodworking shows, I’ll get to it- And the videos for the table saw workstation and the sliding crosscut table, and the fence and a billion other things people ask about.


We’re really going to be putting more emphasis on these shop related projects and less on the other stuff. There are enough YouTube channels about building crafty projects. We need to get back to what most of you subscribed for in the first place- cool jigs and useful shop projects. Ever since Shop Notes magazine stopped publication there has been more of a void in that area, so we’re going to try and fill that void with Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal. Starting in the fall you’ll be seeing more jigs; more cool tools, both homemade and store-bought; more tutorials for improving your woodworking skills, like a series on table saw techniques we’re working on right now. Mustache Mike is working on a comprehensive scroll saw course that will teach you all of the ins and outs of this fascinating niche of the craft, while building some great projects that go beyond the typical fret work and simple cutouts that many people think of when they imagine scroll saw woodworking. So you’re going to see a lot more of the Stash. And we’re also planning a whole series of wood turning.


I’m also about to begin writing two new books! These are going to be completely different from my first book. They won’t be about homemade woodworking machines; they won’t include any of the plans we have on our website. Instead they are going to be guides to getting the most out of your table saw and your router. The titles aren’t finalized yet, but they will likely be called something like “The Stumpy Nubs Guide to Advanced Table Saw Techniques” and “The Stumpy Nubs Guide to Advanced Router Techniques.” The idea is to show you amazing things you can do with your tools beyond the basics that you find in other books. These are going to be unlike anything out there, and if they are as successful as I expect them to be, we may even write one for every major shop machine. A Stumpy Nubs Guide to the Band Saw, or a Stumpy Nubs Guide to the Scroll Saw, or the lathe- this could become a whole series. Of course I am proud to be working with Popular Woodworking’s publishing arm, FW Media again. They did a great job on my first book, which is still a best seller. The table saw book is tentatively scheduled for release in the fall of 2017, and the other one in the spring of 2018. I’ll keep you posted on those as they develop.


And finally, I have several woodworking events scheduled for the next couple of months. First, I’ll be at IWF in Atlanta August 24-26. There I’ll be actually working on some projects at the Affinity Tools booth. Maybe we’ll cut come dovetails, do some carving, have a few cold ones when nobody’s looking. This is a massive woodworking show and always a great time, so stop in and say hello if you’re going to be anywhere near Atlanta. This is my second trip to Atlanta this year, the first time was for the Woodworking Show tour with the Video Woodworkers booth in April. And since then there have been at least a million woodworking related shows there. I don’t know what it is about Atlanta, but lately it’s become a woodworking Mecca.


Anywho- A couple weeks after that I’ll be at the Rockler store opening in Novi Michigan, near Detroit. That’s on September 10th, and I’ll just be there for a meet and greet and a book signing, that sort of thing. So come if you can. The following week, September 16-18th I’ll be at Woodworking in America in the Cincinnati area to teach classes on the table saw and routers. This is another big event, and I’m excited to visit with you if you can make it. And then, the week after that I’ll be at another Rockler store opening, this time in Bolingbrook outside Chicago. This will be another meet and greet and book signing. So we have a very busy end to summer coming up. I’ll put links to info for all of it in the notes below the video. And be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates


And one more thing- we’ve added a section on the bottom of our website’s home page with coupons. Every week we will be posting a couple of really good deals on woodworking tools that you may want to check out. This isn’t like 10% off piddley stuff. Right now there’s a couple from Rockler for 20 and 25% off specific products. So, check that space every week. We’ll be changing what’s there regularly.


That about wraps things up for this edition of Behind the Sawdust. Don’t forget to support our sponsors by visiting their sites via the links in the show notes. These guys spend their hard earned dollars so you can get free woodworking infotainment, so if you can just spend a minute on their sites, it would mean a lot to me. Then you can sit back and have a cold one, because you’ve earned it, my friend!




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