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Episode #18 - 6/2/2015 Transcript & links for content referenced in the video...

GIVEAWAY: Details here!!!


News- 2

Tim Rousseau has pimped out his plane, and his dovetails have never slid so easily. In an upcoming issue of Fine Woodworking Magazine he shows how to create a sliding dovetail with a modified side rabbet plane complete with an adjustable fence of his own design. For those who don’t know where sliding dovetails come from, when a dado and a dovetail love each other very much, well, let’s just say this is an article you’ll want to see.

Woodcraft has announced a very small deal. It involves the adorable little Wood River #1 bench plane, which is an improved version of the extremely rare Stanley. For $120 you get the plane, and a three month subscription to Rob Cosman’s Interactive Online Hand and Power Tool Workshops, including 75 thirty minute sessions as well as access to over 800 previous episodes. The Subscription normally costs $120 by itself and isn’t for the typical run and click Youtube watcher. They are in-depth woodworking courses. If you want to learn a lot, and own the cutest little hand plane you’ve ever seen, visit the link in the show notes below.



Around the Web 2

April Wilkerson is one Swinging Woodworker. Over the last two weeks she’s built two outdoor swings on her YouTube channel. Here’s the highlights:

Jay Bates has been building a massive miter saw workstation for some time now, and this past week he put on the finishing touch- a stop block system:


Thank You Mr. Mustache. Don’t forget to check out our list of favorite YouTube channels at



Blogs- 2

A laminated plane iron on a Stanley? What-cho-talkin-bout-Willis? Laminated irons were common in the really old days when tool steel was rare and expensive. But the industrial revolution brought prices down, and iron bodied planes almost always featured solid steel irons. At least that’s what I thought. But Paul Sellers recently discovered a laminated iron in an English made Stanley bench plane. After contacting Stanley expert Patrick Leach, he learned that Stanley did indeed make some laminated blades in the early 1900’s. They claimed that they were superior to standard irons because they were easier to sharpen. Just how many are out there is unknown, but Paul did notice that they hold an edge very well. So you may want to check out your old hand planes, you may have a rare iron on your hands.

As if we didn’t already have enough to worry about in our shops, a new article by John English describes what happens to us when we breathe in sawdust. He says the large particles are captured in the nose hair, which is good news for me, but bad news for my wife because it’s all the excuse I need to stop trimming. Dust that makes it past the nose it generally caught in the bronchial tubes, or alveoli, where it’s mixed with mucus and hacked back out. Actually, this is a pretty disgusting article, but it does explain what happens if you inhale a lot of dust over a long period of time. Here’s a hint- you die. Of course the article isn’t all bad news. It’s full of tips to help you avoid dust boogers. I’ll link to the article in the show notes.



Tips 1

Finally, a way to show dual dimensions in Sketchup drawings! I can’t tell you how often I’ve been asked to produce Sketchup plans in Metric. Now there’s a plug-in for the popular 3D modeling software that will automatically add a second unit to all of your dimensions for you. It’s called Dual Dims and it’s available at the link in the show notes.



New in Tools 1


Our senior tool correspondent, Mustache Mike is here to tell us about what’s new in tools…

Thank you Stumpy… WoodRiver has produced a new vacuum pump kit for veneered projects. Clamping veneers down with cauls is a hassle, and nearly impossible on curved projects. So vacuum clamping systems have long been used by professionals. The new Wood River version promises to make the process more affordable with a kit that includes a 1/8HP pump and a 2 foot X 2 foot bag for $300. Larger bags can be purchased separately. How this system compares to others on the market remains to be seen, but it may be good news for small shop woodworkers.



Giveaway 1


S- You know what I like? Giving away stuff. But we don’t just throw stuff around willy-nilly. We carefully select tools that we think are really good. We’ve given away thousands of dollars in tools this year, and we’re not stopping any time soon. This time it’s a tool that saved my bacon during a recent home improvement project- the Portermate PM-7000 Workcenter with a retail price of $330. Our senior giveaway correspondent, Mustache Mike is going to tell you exactly what it is and how you can win it.


M- The PM-7000 is a fold up workstation. Notice I said workstation, not miter saw stand. That’s because it’s designed to hold all sorts of bench top power tools on the jobsite, including miter saws. It extends to seven feet long and has unique features, like built in power outlets, flip stops, a moveable work light, and a detachable work holding vise. We’ll do a more comprehensive review later, but here’s how to win one- You have to be a subscriber to our YouTube channel, and to our newsletter. Both are easy and free, and we don’t use your email for marketing. You can unsubscribe anytime, but I don’t recommend it because once you sign up, you’re entered into this and a lot of future tool giveaways. There’s links below in the show notes that will take you where you need to go. We’ll choose a winner in a random drawing and announce it in two weeks.


S-Well, that about wraps things up for this episode of Behind the Sawdust. Visit at least once a week so you don’t miss any of our woodworking goodness. We have new projects coming out, a complete workshop remodel, and a lot more. And don’t forget to help support what we do by checking out one of our project plans. Then you can sit back and have a cold one, because you’ve earned it my friend!




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