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The Homemade Workshop

(174 pages, paperbound, Popular Woodworking Books, 2015)

We had a limited number of copies that we will be offering, SIGNED by the author, for the original cover price.


SORRY! We sold out! It only took a very short time to sell all 200 of the copies we had set aside for signing. You can still get unsigned copies in book stores and through online sellers. But you may also choose to purchase the specific projects from the book you want to build, all of which are available individually on our project plans page. Doing so will go a long way toward supporting what we do here at stumpynubs.com!


Buy a signed copy for $27.99 (FREE SHIPPING*)

*US shipping address only!

Did you miss out on the book?

Purchase the projects plans individually here!

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Stumpy will personalize it!

All books bought on our website are signed, but you may request a personalized inscription in the "note to seller" link during the Paypal checkout process.

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