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I have to talk about this book I got my hands-on a while back. It's called Advanced Veneering and Alternative Techniques, by Scott Grove. Now wait a minute, don't let the title fool you. There’s some advanced stuff in here, but first the author gives you a crash-course in the basics, which will bring even a first-time veneerer up to speed. Have you ever thought of adding some sweet veneer to one of your projects? This is the place to start.


Scott begins by telling us the history of veneer use. He takes us on a tour of a veneer mill where we see how it's made. We learn how to inspect it, how to select it, how to purchase it, and how to store it. Back in his shop, he shows how to identify and repair flaws in some of the most creative ways I've ever seen. We learn how to flatten veneer and prepare it for use. We learn how to read the grain and identify the best ways to lay it out on a panel, and how to create nearly invisible seams.

Watch the video...

...or read the article.

This is where the book really starts to stand out from any other I've seen on the subject. Scott has developed several ground-breaking techniques that make it possible to do things with veneers that you must see to believe. And see it you shall. Scott shows how to book-match in new ways. How to create swirls and shapes that look like they somehow grew that way right in the log. And his techniques for disguising the seams are a game-changer.


I'm not going to give away how he does it, but I can tell you that the book explains every detail, with large, clear photos to illustrate the process for even the lay person. If you're looking for a way to kick your projects up a few notches, Scott has provided the tools you need, right here. I fully intend to apply some of these techniques in my future projects.


Do you think I'm going a little over the top with my praise? You should see what Marc Adams, one of the most respected craftsmen I know, and founder of one of the largest hands-on woodworking school in the world says about this book and its author:


“I've never met Scott Grove personally, but I've seen his work, and I've read his books. They are literally changing the way we look at the craft…”


Check out Advanced Veneering and Alternative Techniques for yourself, and read some more independent reviews.

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