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Stumpy Nubs is more than a world class woodworking genius (depending on whom you ask), he's also an accomplished writer. Besides self publishing several books unrelated to woodworking, which you've probably never heard of, his articles and blogs have appeared across the Internet and beyond. Sometimes they are serious, sometimes they are funny, most of the time they contain genuinely useful information, other times they are just a bunch of wise cracks; whatever your reading (or watching) taste, you're sure to find something in this ever expanding archive. So select a category above and spend some time catching up. New articles and videos are published all the time, so sign up for the weekly newsletter to receive notifications on new content- you don't want to miss any of the fun!

The latest article:

Choosing A Woodworking Vise (10/2/2014)

When you’re building a traditional piece of furniture, it makes sense to keep everything… well, traditional. You wouldn’t put a digital face on a Townsend clock. But a workbench is different. We built our bench in the Roubo style for its features more than the old-timey tradition. So equipping it with a modern vise isn’t sacrilege, it’s a no brainer. The only question is, what kind of vise is right for your bench. There are primarily two kinds: face vises, and end vises.





Do you follow the rules? (7/13/2014)

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As you know, here at the Stumpy Nubs Workshop we like to bend the rules. Something we even break them. But most often we simply create a nasty kink that forever keeps the darn things from lying flat again. Yes, I am a rebel. But rules aren’t really made to be broken, they’re made to measure things. So quality really matters.


By now most of you have caught on to my little play on words. But for the few still confused, I’m talking about the plain old woodworking ruler, an all too often underappreciated tool. I can understand why you might have been a little slow on the uptake. For one thing, I called them “rules”. That’s a term I had to adopt later in my woodworking career since I grew up calling them “rulers”. But ask an old-timer for a “ruler” and you’ll end up with a nasty welt after he thwacks you on the forehead with his “rule”. So for the sake of this discussion, and to avoid another controversy like the infamous “jig saw”/”saber saw” incident of 2012, I will be using the term “rule”.



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