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  • EP#1: Mini Workbench & Charles Neil Contest P1

    In the very first episode Stumpy takes on his biggest challenge: A one on one box making contest vs. famed woodworker Charles Neil. Meanwhile work begins on a mini- cabinet maker's bench.

  • EP #2: Mini Workbench & Charles Neil Contest P2

    The Charles Neil challenge continues, and Stumpy is making a first class hardwood bench from firewood!

  • EP#3: Mini Workbench wrap-up and shop efficiency

    The last of the three part mini workbench episodes, and stumpy talks shop efficiency and how he can't stop rearranging things!

  • EP#4: Stumpy's Cookin' with Gas!

    Stumpy shows how to install gas lines for a vent free shop heater, and reviews the new Trend blades and cleaner.

  • EP#5: The 3 layer clamp rack and Extreme Tape

    Want to fit a billion clamps in a tiny space? Check out Stumpy's new clamp rack. And fix dust leaks with Extreme Tape.

  • EP#6: Worksharp 3000 modifications

    Stumpy turns a Worksharp 3000 into a super-duper sharpening miracle machine! One of the classics!

  • EP#7: Fully adjustable grinder tool rests

    Stumpy gets the new Veritas grinding jig and makes a fantastic, fully adjustable, sliding tool rest for accurate bevels.

  • EP#8: Hand plane surgery

    Stumpy makes his own version of the rare (and useful) Stanley #10 "Jackrabbet" plane- and a rabbeting block plane too!

  • EP#9: The 1st Stumpys! (2X4 Contest)

    Our very first awards show- and Stumpy wears a tie!

  • EP#10: The bench-top-biscuit-machine

    Stumpy turns a cheap Harbor Freight biscuit joiner into a great bench top joinery machine.

  • EP#11: Homemade dovetail machine, and the ultimate tool cabinet

    When Stumpy has to cut a lot of dovetails for his big tool cabinet, he decides to build a dovetail machine similar to the expensive Leigh DR4

  • EP#12: Hand-cutting dovetails

    Stumpy shows of his skills with a two handled dovetail saw.

  • EP#13: Box joint machine

    Stumpy makes a micro adjustable box joint jig like few have ever seen. This episode quickly became a classic with tens of thousands of views in the first months!

  • EP#14: Making a scrub plane with the modified WS3000

    A follow up to the WS3000 episode, Stumpy turns a cheap Harbor Freight plane into a heavily cambered scrub plane, and demonstrates the "Tormek" bar attachment.

  • EP#15: Biscuit drawers for the Ultimate Tool Cabinet

    Stumpy's still working on his tool cabinet and this time he uses his homemade biscuit machine to make fast, strong drawers.

  • EP#16: Raised panels with a Stanley #4 and a new machine idea

    Stumpy wants raised panels for the tool cabinet, so he shows how to make them with nothing but a common hand plane. Then he devises a homemade machine to make them better.

  • EP#17: Horizontal Router Table

    Stumpy's most popular invention (hundreds have built their own) came about by accident! And he shows how to flatten a board with an hand held electric planer.

  • EP#18: Cabinet Scrapers- using, sharpening, storing

    A cabinet scraper rack and how to solve the mysteries of this old-timey tool.

  • EP#19: Stumpy's sliding drill press table

    You've never seen a drill press table that can do all this! Plus stumpy builds a downdraft sanding station, and more!

  • EP#20: The Stumpys return! (Jig contest results)

    The second "Stumpys" awards show is almost as much fun as the last one!

  • EP#21: Pen turning on the new drill press table

    The second part of the drill press table build features some unique attachments.

  • EP#22: Radial arm saw safety and testing a carving duplicator design

    Stumpy tries out an idea for a new invention, and talks about using a RAS safely.

  • EP#23: Homemade Bladerunner style "jig saw"

    In another classic episode, Stumpy makes a tool that he doesn't want to pay the commercial price for!

  • EP#24: Deluxe shelf pin jig

    If you ever build bookshelves or cabinets, you MUST see this jig!

When Stumpy first appeared on You Tube his ideas were much bigger than his production budget! But these episodes introduced a new way of making a woodworking show, and some of the most popular homemade jigs and machines to come out of a small shop! From 2011-2013 Stumpy created a mix of segments including woodworking tips, tricks, tool reviews, and his own brand of twisted humor. This video podcast greatly evolved throughout its run, growing from a handful of loyal fans to over 16,000 subscribers in just 40 episodes- the fastest initial growth of any woodworking pod-cast! In 2014 it was shortened and renamed "The Stumpy Nubs Workshop", where the homemade jigs and budget saving ideas continue. Here you will find each of the 40 original BCWW episodes. Not all of them were pretty, but they remain as popular today as when they first aired! NOTE: This page includes a LOT of videos. Give it a minute or so to load and then you will be able to easily navigate from one to the next simply by clicking the title bars. SEASON ONE (Shown Below) SEASON TWO (Click Here)

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