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Volume 3, Issue 5- August 2017 Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal

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Something to think about while the glue dries...

(Quotes, thoughts and funny sayings collected from the all over the internet, and from the mind of Stumpy Nubs)

When I go to a business that offers hand sanitizer by the cash register, I spit in it and say, "If it works, that shouldn't be a problem."


Ive been eating eggs thinking they came from a egg plant. I'm going to be sick, now that I know where they really come from.


Dear Customer Service: First of all, you should know that I’m typing this with my middle finger.


I saw a boat with a sign that said "For Sale" so I added an "ing" to the end. Those idiots are lucky I came along.


Nice try, cheese graters, cheese is already great.


Fall is fast approaching. Time to sew all my jean legs back on.


If a man tells you he'll fix it, he will fix it. There is no need to incessantly remind him about it every 5 to 6 months.


Well no wonder we haven't cured cancer yet. Our standard for the "best medicine" is laughter.




Hundreds more here...


Click an image to see more details, and hear from the creator!

Click for details: The Boot From MARS!!!!   Laminated lam beam
Click for details: Spalted maple Waterfall bench with wenge legs
Click for details: Greene and Greene wall sconce
Click for details: The desk project
Click for details: Sponge, Driftwood,Wormhole, Swiss Cheese, Microscopic-Textured Holy box
Click for details: 1930's Stake Truck


Table Saw Bowl Turning

Why would you want to turn a bowl on a table saw? Because you can! It's a great way to make exact copies, it's fun, and it is sure to impress your woodworking friends when you hand them a bowl and ask them to tell you how you turned it without a lathe! In this video we take a look at a pair of jigs that will make it safe and easy to create a bowl on the table saw!

The Strange Contraption

We get another new toy in the Stumpy Nubs main workshop. This one is truly unique! See if you can guess what it is before the video is over!


Feather Board-Making Jig

Colin Knecht of Woodwork Web makes a jig for cutting the fingers on feather boards evenly. This may seem like a lot of work just to make a feather board, but you'll learn a few great tips along the way too!


Book Review:

Good Clean Fun

This month we take a look at a book that everyone in the woodworking world seems to be talking about- Good Clean Fun, by Nick Offerman. It just may be the most entertaining woodworking book you've ever read!

Get the book here...


Turning A Celtic Knot

Celtic knots are traditional designs that look like coiled or braided rope, and they may be use to adorn your turning projects. In this video, we'll create a Celtic knot rolling pin. The same techniques may also be applied to everything from bowls and vases, to pens and tool handles. (Bonus: We take a look at a duplicating lathe from the workshop of master woodworker, Charles Neil!)


Building A Deck

It's summertime, and the outdoor projects are in full swing. Recently, while building a small deck behind the workshop, we set up our cameras and used the opportunity to share all sorts of tips and tricks.


Yin-Yang Salt & Pepper Shaker

Andrew Klein is one creative guy. This time he's making a salt and pepper shaker using a layering process. There aren't a lot of frills int his video, no talking or music, just the project. It makes for  a nice change of pace.


Laura's Lamp

Laura Kampf is a YouTube sensation in the maker world. Her creative projects and stunning video production are always a pleasure to watch. This time she's making a lamp from oak and copper.


Aiden's First Project

When was the last time you worked with a young person in your workshop? Sharing the joys of woodworking can have a serious impact upon a child's life. This video shows you how to create an ideal project that requires only basic hand tools. It's safe, fun and rewarding!

Plane Secrets

You can learn a lot from a close inspection of a molding plane. This video will make you look at them in a whole new way!



Charles Neil's Virgina Workshop

Visit Charles Neil's YouTube Channel...

Sawdust Burnishing

Band Saw Crosscuts

A great way to get a smooth finish!

A fast, easy way to get a square crosscut on a band saw, without a guide.

Moving Miters?

Cy's Woodworkign Tips!

The strange case of the moving miters.

A bunch of tips from Cy's Corner!


Amazing Japanese Woodworking Techniques

This is a portion of a documentary filmed some time ago about Japanese woodworking techniques. It's not in English, but it is nothing short of amazing to watch how differently things are done, and how skilled this old craftsman is as he builds a small chest of drawers without a workbench!


Wooden Lifting Table

Marius Hornberger is a very clever guy. That's really all we need to say about this one. Just watch it and see for yourself...

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