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Volume 3, Issue 3- April/May 2017 Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal

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Something to think about while the glue dries...

(Quotes, thoughts and funny sayings collected from the all over the internet, and from the mind of Stumpy Nubs)

Grandma is doing her best to stay cool. She signed up for some hip surgery.


I just emailed "This is a robbery!" to my online bank. Will they just put the $$ in my account or do I have to wait for an email back?


You'd be shocked at how easy it is to walk into a nursing home and draw mustaches on the dementia patents


Boy, if I had a nickel for every time I paid for a $0.95 corndog with a dollar!


I'll stop gnawing the ends off violins when they stop looking like Cinnabons.


Sharks prefer Stevie Wonder to Ray Charles in a blind taste test.


Just bought a pair of velcro shoes. What a rip off.


Turns out, standing up and yelling "A round of shots for everyone!" isn't as well received in the doctor's office waiting room as you'd think...


Shoulder blades sound way more awesome than they are


Hundreds more here...


Click an image to see more details, and hear from the creator!

Click for details: Irony: a tree made from plywood.
Click for details: Penny Flip Puzzle
Click for details: ARBUTUS - Checks and Balance!
Click for details: "Petals of a flower" wooden carved box (2017)
Click for details: Stylized Maple Fish
Click for details: How to make a 3-D puzzle, The head of a deer


Adjustable Router Dado Jig

The problem with plowing dados with a router is you rarely have a bit that matches the material you wish to fit within the dado. This jig solves that problem! It adjust to your material's thickness quickly and easily, enabling you to cut virtually any dado width with a single, common router bit. In this video you see how it works, AND how to build it yourself. Your hand-held router will never be the same again! (This is the third video of our three-part homemade edge guide series. For the other two videos, see the March issue.)


2-Stage Drum Sander

We revisit our innovative dual-stage drum sander to give you a rundown of it's unique features (some of which have never been seen on a drum sander before). Then we give you some tips to aid you as you try to build your own.


Homemade Flip-Sander

This machine is very simple to build because of a clever use of a child's push broom to provide support for the sandpaper sheets. All you need is a motor, and a little plywood.


Read a transcript of this video here...

This Month's Cool Tools

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Book Review:

The Tool Crib

This is a fantastic book for children ages 5-12. Teach them about woodworking before the video games turn their brains into mush!


Get the book here

Diamond Hones

Cheap Pocket Holes!

This tutorial tells you everything you need to know about diamond sharpening stones; from how they are made, to how to choose the best ones, even the grits you need for sharpening woodworking tools!

Trend 300/100 grit stone

Trend lapping fluid

Trend Tool & Bit cleaner


Stumpy demonstrates two ways to bore pocket holes without any special tools, and two more ways that require the least amount of dollars. Plus, which screws should you use, and why?

Pocket hole screws

Kreg stepped drill bit

Kreg Mini jig



Custom Profiles with Common Router Bits

Stop using the same profiles on every project! You can make any profile you like, in any size you want, with a few box-core and round-over bits! This video shows you how, including how to make more than twenty profiles with just five bits you probably already own!


Log Cabin Dovetails

This "lost dovetail joint" was once widely used to construct log houses across America's frontier. It was designed to last forever, but can it be used to make a simple box? This technique takes a fair amount of work, and the resulting joint looks as if it was impossible to assemble, but the labor is well worth the effort, as you will see!


Aluminum & Resin Bowl

Carl Jacobson, the name behind the most popular wood turning channel on YouTube, turns a bowl from a blank made by YouTube maker Peter Brown. What makes it unique is the blank is made from a mixture of resin and aluminum shavings. The result is something to behold!


Classic Restoration

A master guitar maker is given a seemingly impossible task: To patch two giant holes hacked out of the body of a classic guitar. This video demonstrates several woodworking skills from template routing to inlay, even a few finishing techniques that lead to a final result that's nothing short of amazing!


A Guide to Choosing Hand Saws

In this classic segment from The Old-Timey Workshop, Stumpy talks about hand (panel) saws, and how many teeth (TPI) you need for various rip and crosscut functions. By the end, you'll learn a formula that will help you decide which three saws are best for the type of work you do most.



Jason Stamper shows you how to create a rock-solid mortise and tenon joint through the ancient process of draw-boring. While he uses hand tools in this video, the same techniques can easily be applied to power tool woodworking.



Tour Don Williams' Timber Frame Shop

101 Woodworking Tips

Table Top Hold-Down

Over a hundred useful tips, packed into one fast paced video!

Learn how to fasten down solid wood panels with screws, while still allowing for wood movement.

Tape Depth-Stop

Dado Shim Damage

A quick, easy and cheap way to keep your drill bits from boring too deeply into a work piece.

Avoid the damage that this common mistake causes to the shims in your dado set.

The Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal Vlog



Woodworking News w/Snarky Comments


Twice a month, we devote an edition of our Behind the Sawdust vlog to answering questions about all sorts of topics. If you'd like to submit a question, send us an email through our contact page. You can ask anything you like, personal or woodworking related, something serious or just for fun!

(Find more "Ask Stumpy" Q&A videos here...)


Ask Stumpy #3

Question #1- What's your favorite "cold one?"


Question #2- What are your thoughts on jointer/planer combination machines?


Question #3- Do you ever use a jointer to cut rabbets joints?


Question #4- What types of joints require glue?



With the news that Tomy MacDonald will be leaving his "Rough Cut" woodworking show on PBS, Stumpy and Mustache Mike debate the best woodworking TV shows of all time in this recurring, tongue-in-cheek segment that's always a fan favorite!

The Woodwright's Shop Review

An episode by episode guide to the greatest show on television!

Season 2, Episode 4 Roy Underhill is proud of his drawers! They're made from materials salvaged from a pig pen, and he has quite a few stains in his drawers. At first he put his drawers on upside down, but he was glad to find that his bottom wasn't to big for his drawers. These and other puns are found in this classic episode about drawer making! Season 2, Episode 5 In the last episode we got a look about Roy’s drawers. Now we’ll talk about his junk! We follow him through Pittsboro, NC as he visits flea markets, antique shops and junk yards in search of rusty gold!

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