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Volume 3, Issue 2- March 2017 Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal

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Something to think about while the glue dries...

(Quotes, thoughts and funny sayings collected from the all over the internet, and from the mind of Stumpy Nubs)

"Wait, THESE are pistachios? I’ve been calling them wood clams!"


"I always carry a clump of my hair in my pocket so when people say, "I like your haircut", I can respond with, "Thanks. Here, have some."


"Stress? Don't talk to me about stress. Some of my favorite TV characters are currently in truly sticky situations"


"The best part about pooping with the door open in the morning is being able to see everyone's face at Starbucks."


"How many Snapple Facts do I have to get before it counts as a GED"


"The best part of having a banana instead of a cell phone is no one on this plane can actually make me turn it off or stop talking into it."


“Madame, I will have your finest package of gum, and money is no object.” – How I impressed the cashier at the gas station just now because I'm hilarious."


"Lady offered me a piece of chickpea loaf. Hit it out of her hand because that's what cake would have wanted."




Hundreds more here...


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Click for details: Live Edge Bedroom set
Click for details: Hand Made Balance Bike
Click for details: Three Cigar Box Guitars
Click for details: My River Coffee Table
Click for details: Keeping Busy - Bent Wood Rings
Click for details: Maw & Paw going to town


Easy Flip-Up Router Edge Guide

We're in the process of showing you THREE homemade router edge guides that you can make yourself, and use to cut dados, grooves, sliding dovetails and joinery with a hand held router. This is the first one, a cleverly hinged jig that eliminates the need to account for the width of your router base plate. It's one of those "why didn't I think of this" sort of things!


Another Router Guide!

This is the second of three homemade router edge guides we use in our workshops; and it's as unique as they come! By combining a t-square with an offset base plate, you end up with an accurate way to quickly and easily align your cuts for dados and grooves!


Another Router Plane

We designed and built a micro-adjustable router plane some time ago. But this one is simpler to make, if a bit more difficult to adjust. Of course, the real reason we're featuring this video is because it's a rare new offering from Chad Stanton, and his sidekick, Safety Dan! Chad's unique videos are few and far between since he started filming the "I can do that" series for Popular Woodworking.


Water vs. Oil

Get Scary Sharp!

Learn the differences between oil stones and water stones, and which are best for certain sharpening tasks.


(This is a classic segment from an episode of the old Blue Collar Woodworking show. )

Everything you need to know about types of sandpaper and how to use them to get your chisels and plane irons "scary sharp!"


(This is a classic segment from an episode of the old Blue Collar Woodworking show. )

4 Types of Block Planes

Find out the four types of block planes used by modern woodworkers and decide which is best for your shop.


(This is a classic segment from an episode of the old Blue Collar Woodworking show. )


Palm Router Through-Dovetails

Create perfect through-dovetails that look hand-cut with a palm router and an easy to make clamp-on jig! This is one of two jigs that are designed to rout dovetails that look hand-cut. While machined dovetails typically have pins that are at least 1/4" wide, this jig makes it possible to cut the pins as narrow as you like, giving the joint a hand made appearance. Like the other jig, this is only for cutting the pin half of the joint. The tails half is cut at the band saw.

Should You Upgrade to   A Helical Jointer/Planer Cutter Head?

It's the ultimate upgrade, but is it worth the high price? We look at both the pros and the cons to help you make your own decision.




2-Tool Project

This modern coffee table can be built with just two tools- a saw and a drill! Not to mention, the video itself is extremely well produced!


Turning A Lidded Box

I always enjoy Carl Jacobson's turning videos because of the calm, zen like feel. But what makes this one especially good is the unique project. Whether you're a new or a veteran turner, this is a video you're likely to learn something from!


How to Flatten a Bench Top by Hand

A good workbench is big and rugged, but it also should have a precisely flat top. Getting the top flat can be a difficult task, especially if you are a hand tool user. (Power tool folks can just use a pair of rails and a router to do the job.) In this video we go through it, plane by plane.


Cool Waterproof Joint!

Frank Klaus is a master woodworker with more than a few tricks up his sleeve. This one is an old boat-builder's trick for making a simple edge joint that will not leak! It's very clever, and worth a watch even if you never use it!



Repairing Dents With Fire

Unplug Your Hole Saw

Homemade Corner Clamps

Use a pair of drywall screws to quickly dislodge a stubborn blank from a hole saw.

A simple way to use some scraps as a useful glue-up tool!

Router Plate Installation

Making Feather Boards

The easy and the hard way to cut a hole for installing a router plate in a router table top.

Making them is the easy part. Making the little do-dad that holds them in place on the table saw's top is the tricky part. Until now...

The Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal Vlog


2017 Travel Schedule

Come see Stumpy Nubs at one of these public events!


Twice a month, we devote an edition of our Behind the Sawdust vlog to answering questions about all sorts of topics. If you'd like to submit a question, send us an email through our contact page. You can ask anything you like, personal or woodworking related, something serious or just for fun!

(Find more "Ask Stumpy" Q&A videos here...)


Ask Stumpy #3

Question #1: Who taught you woodworking?

Question #2 : Are MM/Chip family members?

Question #3: Why the name "Stumpy Nubs?"

Question #4: How big is your shop?

Question #5: Are those hand tools real?

Question #6: What's Roy Underhill like?

Question #7: How deep should a mortise be?

Question #8: How thick should I mill lumber?

Question #9: What tool would you want to take to the after life?


Ask Stumpy #2

Question #1: Why do you talk so much?

Question #2: How has Mustache Mike made you a better person?

Question #3: Why do you use the James Hamilton name now?

Question #4: Who are your three favorite YouTubers to watch?


The Woodwright's Shop Review

An episode by episode guide to the greatest show on television!

Season 2, Episode 2: Shaker Candle Stand Roy Underhill is looking for a worthy project for the late Miss Maggie's walnut tree, and the answer is a Shaker candle stand. Turning a tree that fell in an ice storm into a delicate example of eighteenth century furniture is something only Roy would attempt. Along the way you'll learn about all sorts of "turnery" and even laugh a little. Season 2, Episode 3: Hand Plane Identification and Use Roy Underhill gives us a lesson in old-timey hand planes in this classic episode. Within the space of twenty-six minutes he covers an amazing thirty-five planes, challenging us to guess what type of woodworker would use them. In true Stumpy Nubs style, this article gives you the behind the scenes information that Roy didn't have time for when the episode originally aired!

Dennis Zongker is a master box-maker! You will be amazed to see how he takes this classic woodworking project to levels you've never imagined before! And even better than that, he shows you how to do it yourself!


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Book Review:

Wooden Boxes

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