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Volume 3, Issue 1- January/February 2017 Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal

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Tapered Sliding-Dovetails


Sliding-dovetail joints are stronger than dados, and they look better. They are an excellent choice for bookshelves and cabinet making. But a well fitting joint can be near impossible to slide together! The tapered sliding-dovetail is the answer. They assemble easily, and with this process, they are easy to make too!

Scrub Planes: What They Are & How Make One

Scrub planes were once an essential woodworking tool, and the modern woodworker who's too quick to dismiss them may be making a mistake! In this video we discuss their origins, their uses, and how to make one yourself from an inexpensive Harbor Freight smoothing plane!

Router Table Dovetail Jig


POWER TOOL DOVETAILS THAT LOOK HAND CUT! Most router-based dovetail jigs limit the thickness of the pins to 1/4", because that's the width of the router bit's shank. Because of this, it's easy to spot machined dovetails. But what if you could cut dovetail pins of ANY width on the router table? You could quickly and accurately create the joint while still maintaining a hand-cut look! This jig, originally designed by Glen Huey, makes that possible, and it's easy to make!


Stumpy Nubs &

Roy Underhill


At the 2015 Woodworking in America conference in Kansas City, veteran hand-tool woodworking celebrity, Roy Underhill; and upstart, Stumpy Nubs combined forces to treat the audience to some insider information on Roy's philosophy and the early days of The Woodright's Shop!


The Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal Vlog

Episode#50- Q&A edition responds to some interesting woodworking questions, and get a glimpse of the very first "cold one" reference!

Episode#49- This is a new way of doing a shop-tour! We show you around the main workshop while discussing a few changes we've made!

Episode#48- Q&A edition covers some behind the scenes stuff, including an embarrassing story!






Something to think about while the glue dries...

(Quotes, thoughts and funny sayings collected from the all over the internet, and from the mind of Stumpy Nubs)

If you're not using Social Media to spout your uninformed opinion then you're totally missing the point of the Internet.


I start a lot of conversations with "goodbye" in hopes that I trick people into thinking we already talked.


"Wow! Go show your mommy!" -what I say to any child talking to me for more than 11 seconds.


Bullcrap this steak's rare. They have it at like every restaurant!


Paper is supposed to beat rock. But last time I wrapped a rock in newspaper and threw it at was the rock they were mad about.


I just read that the average person spends 2 weeks waiting for a traffic light to change. Forget that. I'd run it after 3 or 4 minutes tops.


I just saved 57 dollars on my groceries without a single coupon. Self checkouts are awesome.


String theory? It's more than just a theory, dude. String is real.


Selling chewing gum. Mint condition.



Hundreds more here...


Click an image to see more details, and hear from the creator!

Click for details: Piano jewelry box
Click for details: Inlay Chess Board
Click for details: Scroll saw bowls
Click for details: Bluebird Houses (Nesting boxes)
Click for details: Piano chair/tractor pan seat
Click for details: leaf table

Create Fancy Built-Up Crown Moldings With A Router


Large crown molding router bits are expensive, they require a powerful router and they severely limit the variety of profiles you can make. With this layered process, you can create a nearly unlimited variety of crown molding profiles- with bits you probably already have!

Q & A

Q- I get a little obsessive about sharpening. Once I get started, I can't seem to decide when a chisel is sharp enough. How do i know when sharp is actually, truly sharp.


A- The simple answer to that question is- Does it cut well? A chisel, or any tool for that matter, is sharp enough when it performs to your expectations. But there are several tried and true tests to check its sharpness.


Light test: Hold a tool up to a source of light and look carefully at the intersection between the bevel face and the back of the tool. Imperfections will reflect the light back at you. If no light is reflected from that fine edge, it's sharp.


Fingernail test: Place the edge on one of your fingernails, and  apply light pressure as you attempt to shave the surface of the nail. If the tool skids across the surface, it's dull. If it immediately catches on the nail, it's sharp.


Endgrain test: Perhaps the best way to test an edge is to put it to wood. I keep a scrap of soft pine on hand for this purpose. A sharp tool should shave a the ends of the fibers cleanly. A dull tool will tear at or crush the fibers.


Q- When I buy dowels from the hardware store, they are rarely a consistent size, and often even out of round. Any suggestions on how to deal with this problem?


A- Wood changes as the moisture in the room changes. Dowels may be perfectly sized when they're milled, only to swell or contract later. The best solution is to make your own dowels. But short of that, you can re-size those you purchase.


I try to buy oversized dowels from the rack. You can find them by gathering several of the same size together and closely examining there ends for variations. The ones that shrunk the least after they were milled are the ones I want. When I get ready to use them, I bore a hole through a piece of hard maple using the same bit that I will use to drill the dowel holes for my project.  I then use a mallet to tap short pieces of the dowel through the hole, compressing and reshaping them all to the correct size. As long as I use them before the compressed fibers absorb moisture and expand again, I should have perfectly fitting dowels.


(Have a question you'd like answered? Send us an email. We may answer it in a future edition of this column, or we may even include it in one of our Q&A editions of Behind the Sawdust!)




Mustache Mike Classic Episode:

Scroll History


The very first episode of "Mustache Mike's Corner" looks at the history of the scroll saw, what they do and how they work.

Watch past MMC episodes here...



Cutting Board


Brian from Garage Woodworks shows you how to make a cool brick patterned end grain cutting board.



 Where Are the Modular Lathe Stand Plans?


A few issues back we made a modular lathe stand (it could be sized according tot he lathe you have, and grow with your needs). Since then a lot of you have asked about plans for building it yourself. They are coming, we just need to finish a tool rack attachment, whcih we want included in the plans. Look for them in the next issue of Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal.

Check out our other project plans here...


Darbin Orvar's Shop


Linn from the Darbin Orvar YouTube channel is a delight to watch. From her exquisite camera work to her bright and friendly personality and thoughtful projects, she's by far one of my favorite YouTube woodworkers. In this video, she gives us a tour of her shop- and who doesn't love shop tours? Maybe you'll find and idea for your shop!

Visit the Darbin Orvat channel here...


Box Joint Jig


In this video you'll learn how to cut a unique variable-spaced box joint using the pattern feature on our newest dovetail jig. Then, you'll get a few tips to guide you through the build, should you decide to make the jig for your shop!

Get more tips here...

Charles Neil Tip:

Trace-Coating to Enhance Figured Wood


Visit Charles Neil's YouTube Channel...

Clean & Easy Epoxy Application

A simple way to accurately mix and apply epoxy without a mess, which you may have never thought of before.

Pencil Protection for Your Apron

Tired of breaking off the point of your pencil in your apron pocket? This tip may be the answer.

Push-Block Modification

A small change can give you big gripping power for the jointer!

Lining Up A Crosscut

An easy way to perfectly align your mark with your blade, even with poor eyesight.

Stop Spray Can Clogs

End clogs forever, without wasting your propellant!

Fast Stripped Screw Removal

Learn how to remove a stripped screw without a special tool.


This Month's Cool Tools

Please use these affiliate links as a way of supporting us!


Izzy's Big Announcement!

Popular YouTuber, Izzy Swan is putting together a  membership-based tool co-op to help woodworkers and other makers save money.


Get more information here...

Create A Full Drawer in 4 Cuts!

Andrew Klein has been developing one of the most cleaver new woodworking tools I've seen in a very long time!


Learn more here...

Hand-Screw Clamps

Why do modern woodworkers still love these classic old-timey clamps? And how can YOU benefit from owning a few?


(Check out Hand screw clamps on Amazon)


Handmade Miniature Infill Plane


Art Rafael doesn't make many videos, but he does have a unique skill. He makes miniatures, including tiny tools. This time he's making a fine infill plane from brass and hardwood. A very interesting video!


Visit Art's YouTube channel here...


Router Feed Directions



Climb cutting can be dangerous, but it can also be very useful. How do you know when to do it, and when to avoid it like the plague? This video discuss they what, when, why, and how of router feed directions. It's an essential safety course, with some great tips too!

Re-purpose Your Old Belts

Make a spring-clamp rack from an old belt, and keep your shop organized!

Keep Your Glue Ready

Over time, wood glue may begin to separate. Why take the risk when this tip is easy to do?

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