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Volume 2, Issue 8- September/October 2016 Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal

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Should You Consider

Carbide Lathe Tools?


There's a lot of debate out there about traditional high speed steel turning tools vs. new-fangled carbide tools. Which ones are best? What are the pros and cons? Why do so many people get worked up about it? This video seeks to answer those questions while showing you how to make a turned wood mallet!

Relief Carving Fundamentals

Thinking of getting into wood carving? This video carefully explains some of the most important things you should know. You'll avoid some mistakes and be more confident as you work!

Using a Router Plane

Even if you're a power tool woodworker, you need a router plane. They are extremely useful for all sorts of tasks, and will make your work easier and more precise. In this video we show you how to use them to tune up tenons, level dados and even out rabbets!


Build a Roubo Workbench from 2X6's


A few years ago we showed you how to build a 17th century Andre Roubo style woodworking bench from common construction lumber using a unique lamination process to make the complex joinery easy- this is a condensed version of the favorite video!

Multifunction Router Table Sled


This is a great project that will help you get a lot more from your router table! It's a relatively simple homemade sled that has a different function assigned to three of the four sides. It's a small parts holder for keeping your fingers safely away from the cutter; a coping sled for routing on the end or narrow workpieces, such as when making frame and panel doors of cutting tenons; and it's a circle cutting jig!


Make A Tapering Jig


Paul Sellers shows you how to make and use a jig for creating tapers using hand tools. This is a great idea for a number of tasks, especially tapered furniture legs! (0000)

Visit the Paul Sellers' website here...


The Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal Vlog

Episode#40- Where have we been? Things have slowed down quite a bit as we catch up on several public appearances. This time, it's the International Woodworking Fair.

Episode#39- What will we do for the upcoming IWF show? How about hand dovetailed and carved wine boxes made from reclaimed pine car siding?

Episode#38- Get a sneak-peek at SEVEN new homemade tools and jigs in the works at our "Homemade Workshop"

Episode#37- Learn about choosing and sharpening carving tools as Stumpy take son a new skill!



A Visit With Roy Underhill

Master woodworker, Charles Neil takes a field-trip to the Woodwright's School to visit with Roy Underhill! This is a very entertaining video! (1292)

How to Hide Your Shop Snacks

Chip has been stealing Mustache Mike's gummy bears, so he uses a scroll saw to cut the center from an old book, making a clever safe.

Give Your Table Saw the Finger!

Mustache Mike is tired of dropping his table saw arbor nut, so he's come up with a simple solution.

Get more tips here...



Turning A Laminated Wood Bowl


Brian from Garage Woodworks turns out another great video. This time he's making a bowl using a lamination process. Along the way he gives you some great tips on jointing extra wide stock and a lot more. You wouldn't even know that this is only the second bowl he's ever turned! (36293)

Visit the Garage Woodworks site here...


Click an image to see more details, and hear from the creator!

Click for details: Part 4
Click for details: New Life for an old handle
Click for details: Stave Turned Goblets, African Blackwood and Holly
Click for details: Coffee Table
Click for details: Dust Collection Blast Gates


Something to think about while the glue dries...

(Quotes, thoughts and funny sayings collected from the all over the internet, and from the mind of Stumpy Nubs)

"When punching a toddler, how hard is too hard? Calm down... I'm not talking about MY kid."


"My favorite Celine Dion song is the one where it's muted all the way through."


"I feel bad for kids in wheelchairs. I bet they get pushed around a lot."


"There would be a lot less litter in the world if we just sharpened the walking sticks for the blind."


"I buy bags of Halloween candy and boxes of razor blazes just to see the look on the cashier's face."


"You can learn a lot about a person just by watching them through binoculars 24 hours a day."


"If someone asks what you're doing today, grab a knife & yell "SOMETHING I SHOULD'VE DONE A LONG TIME AGO!" Sounds way cooler than "Napping!"



Hundreds more here...

Click for details: Ambrosia Maple Maloof Style Rocker

Build a Gum-ball Machine


Mustache Mike tries his hand at machine building with this whimsical gum-ball dispenser. A scroll saw is a must for this project, and it's also an excellent skill builder! But don't worry, anyone can make this colorful contraption from a little bit of scrap wood and a couple of rubber bands!

Q & A

Q- I have difficulty grinding bevels on my tools without burning the edge. Any tips?


A- Electric bench grinders can remove a lot of material fast, but their high speeds can ruin an edge. If the edge turns blue, you've taken the temper out of the steel, and it will dull quickly. So try some of these tips to save your tools:


1. Dress your wheel- As metal filings fill its pores, a stone stops cutting efficiently and begins building up more heat. Use a diamond dresser frequently to refresh the surface of your wheels.


2. Check your grit-  Courser grit wheels remove steel faster and produce less friction. That means the tool will stay cooler. I use 80-grit for rough grinding and 120-grit to shape the final bevel. Then I move on to stones or some other method for the finer honing.


3. Swap your stone- Aluminum oxide wheels run cooler than silicon carbide.


4. Leave a little metal- As you form the fine edge of a bevel, the thinner steel gets hot faster. I sometimes leave a very fine flat on the end, about 1/64", rather than grinding to a sharp edge. That means more work on the stones, but you're less likely to overheat.


5. Go slow-speed- Many bench grinders run around 3700 RPM. That's fine for rough grinding, but not really suited to sharpening. If it's in your budget, consider upgrading to a slow-speed grinder, or better yet, one with a variable speed control. Having the ability to slow things down is huge when it comes to tool sharpening.


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Oriole Bird Feeder


Mustache Mike teaches you some scroll saw basics while you build a great project. This time, learn the deceptively challenging skill of cutting straight lines on the scroll saw.

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Tape Dispenser

Learn some great scroll saw techniques while you build a very useful shop project- Adispenser that holds three rolls of masking tape (3/4", 1 1/2", and 2" widths)!  It can be mounted on a wall, or sit it on any flat surface.


(NOTE- This project can also be made using a band saw, or even a hand-held jig saw.)

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Get detailed instructions for building your own router plane here...

Watch another video about what things you need to get started here...

Get our Roubo bench project plans here...

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