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Volume 2, Issue 6- June 2016 Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal

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Build A Baseball Display Rack

This video was fun to make, but a LOT of work! Mustache Mike builds a display rack for Chip's baseball hats and memorabilia. But we filmed this one using a big green screen in the style of our old "Weekend Woodworking" series. Fans of the light humor from those episodes will love this one!

Motorized Adirondack Chair


Master tinkerer, Izzy Swan has built his share of Adirondack chairs. But this one is a sight to behold! It's motorized, complete with a steering system and a wooden chassis. It's powered by a cordless drill and fully capable of driving all over the neighborhood on a single charge! Did I mention the umbrella to shield you from the sun as you sip beer from the automatic dispenser?


2 Must-Have Scroll Saw Accessories


The 'Stache shows you how to make two useful scroll saw accessories, including a blade holder and small parts jig.

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Something to think about while the glue dries...

(Quotes, thoughts and funny sayings collected from the all over the internet, and from the mind of Stumpy Nubs)

"The problem with a well-balanced diet is the amount of chicken wings I have to eat that equals the weight of a dozen beers."


"Just watched Animal Planet. Get this: Hippos, while often hungry, do not actually eat marbles…"


"Tried explaining Twitter to my dad, but his "why would you want to do that?" argument was pretty bulletproof."


"You can learn a lot about a person just by watching them through binoculars 24 hours a day."


"If Gillette made toilet paper, we'd be up to 4 or 5 plys by now."


"I used to drink beer in my underwear but now I use a glass."


"It sucks that bowtie pasta is the only edible formal wear my grocery store carries."


"If I could be a superhero, I'd be Aluminum Man. My superpower would be foiling crime."


"Cow tipping is a myth. Cattle rarely tip even when the service is good."

Hundreds more here...



If you're into construction lumber workbenches, here's another option. In this classic "Old-Timey Woodworking" video from a few years back, we build a Roubo style bench using 2X6's!

Easy Card Scraper Tips

This two-part video series is all about one of the best tools that many woodworkers have never used! Card scrapers can save you a TON of sanding work, but you have to know how to properly sharpen and use them. We've got you covered with two of the best videos on the subject!

Combination Square Calipers


Mustache mike shows you how to accurately measure something round using tools you already have.

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Miter Gauge Protractor


Lay out a line at an angle across a wider surface than most protractors will allow, using your miter gauge.

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BEHIND THE SAWDUST: The Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal Vlog

This month we experimented with a new format on "Behind the Sawdust." What had been a formal "newscast" style show, became a more casual look behind the scenes at our two workshops. We show you what we're working on each week, give you a sneak peek at new projects and ideas in development, show you how we film and produce our content. We even mix in some of the most popular segments from the past, including the humorous "Point/Counterpoint" debates, some cool tools and more. Will this be the permanent format going forward? Email us your opinions. Should we go back to the old version, or bring on the new?


First Look at the Tormek T-8


We take a trip to Affinity Tool Works, the US distributer for Tormek, to see their newest machine. The T-8 includes some nice upgrades, including a water tray lift mechanism, improved sleeves for the tool bar, a new outer housing and more. This is the very first video look at the machine in the United States!

Learn more about the Tormek here...

Make a Traditional Joiner's Bench in 12 Minutes


Graham Haydon recently produced a series of videos walking you through the process of building a traditional bench out of construction lumber, using only hand tools. This video combines highlights from the entire series, showing you the project in just 12 minutes. (If you set the video to run at 2x speed,  you can see him do it in 6 minutes! :)

Visit the Graham's YouTube channel here...

Convertible Lathe Stand


This stand is constructed in two halves: One for a mini or MIDI lathe, and an extension to accommodate a full size, five foot long lathe. Build whichever version suits you, and don't forget about the drawers for storage and plenty of space for organizing your turning stock! (And check out the Kreg Foreman machine!)

Project plans for this bench are here...

Learn more about the Kreg Foreman here...

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