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Volume 2, Issue 1 - January 2016 Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal

Behind the Sawdust


In this episode of our popular woodworking newscast...


  • Popular Woodworking's new editor
  • The Woodworking Shows return
  • Bosch makes a new miter saw design
  • Two new contributers join the Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal team
  • The latest in scroll sawing
  • A whole lot more...

Make and align runners for table saw sleds & jigs


This video shows you how to make adjustable runners for any jig that runs in a miter slot, as well as how to use them to align your table saw sled.

Get more tips here...


Table Saw Super Sled #3: The "Mini" Sled

First we built a "Mega Sled" with attachable joinery jigs and more features than you can shake a board at. Then we built a "Miter Sled" for perfectly repeatable 45's. This is the third and final member of our "Super Sled" family. The "Mini Sled" may be a compact, easy to grab and go jig. But it's not short on features! You will definitely want one of these in your workshop...

Get plans to build this project here... (Available 1/25/16)


Something to think about while the glue dries...

(Quotes, thoughts and funny sayings collected from the all over the internet, and from the mind of Stumpy Nubs)

"Thought I saw a fat guy doing a killer air harmonica but it turns out he was just sneezing over and over."


"CD worms made tapeworms obsolete."


"I'm going to make a list of my favorite sausages from brat to wurst."




"I like to knock on random doors and say, “Hi, my name is Current Resident and I understand you're the SOB that's been opening my mail.”


"Why would anybody ask me anything when google exists?"


"Some guys think sweaters are sexy, but I don't like girls who sweat more than the usual amount."


"If a wheelchair athlete used WD40, would it be considered a performance enhancing substance?"


"I thought "asbestos" was Spanish for "best donkey."






Hundreds more here...

TS Sled Finger Joints


Our "Mega Sled" and "Mini Sled" were both designed to accept a number of joinery attachments. We'll be making videos to show you how to set them up and use them, starting with the finger joint jig.


NOTE: This jig was included with the "Mega Sled" plans, and it will also fit the "Mini Sled." However, if you wish to build the joinery jigs but do not want the "Mega Sled," you may purchase plans for the jigs alone below.

Get plans for the sled and joinery jigs...

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Build A Wooden Safe with Combination Lock!

This project was inspired by an old Wood magazine project from the early 1980's. Our version is a bit more versatile with room to fit letters, keepsakes, anything you want to tuck away. Not only is this an easy project to build, they make great gifts and are sure to draw attention (and rake in some cash) at craft shows!

On the Bench:

Flip-top multi-table


This is a great an all-in-one solution for a small shop!  We built a cabinet and attached a t-track embedded top for all sorts of work holding applications. But the top also flips up and out of the way utilizing an innovative tracking mechanism which you just have to see! Beneath is a fully functional downdraft table. Look for this project in an upcoming issue of Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal!

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CNC: The Big-Bucks Bank


Is CNC really woodworking? I think you may be surprised at what we say! We discuss this controversial topic while making another great project. It's a wonderful coin bank with a very unique "engraved" dollar bill motif on the sides. But you don't need a laser engraver to make it! PDF instructions (Vetric CNC Software required) are also provided free at the link below. Enjoy!

Get the CNC files and instructions here...

Read our CNC Shark vs. X-Carve review...


Drill Press Wood Turning


Brian Grella over at the Garage Woodworks YouTube channel recently made a pair of Star Wars inspired candle holders. But you don't have to be a fan of the sci-fi series to appreciate this important lesson in turning. He uses his drill press and some rasps to shape the profiles! So, if you want to do some turning but don't have a lathe, this video is for you!

Visit to his website here...

The Three Hand Planes Every Woodworker Should Own


A lot of today’s woodworkers think hand planes are an archaic tool of the past. Who needs them? We’ve got power! But what they fail to understand is that a hand plane can be faster, more accurate and more enjoyable to use than a power tool for many applications. Every woodworker should own at least three hand planes: A block plane, a jack plane and a smoothing plane. Of course I could make a case for owning several others, but these three are the essentials. Let’s take a look at them one at a time.


2X4 Hand Plane


Making your own hand plane has never been easier! Graham Haydon shows you how to make one from a piece of 2X4 construction lumber, some hardware store parts, and a frog salvaged from a broken yard sale plane. It may not be the finest plane in your shop, but it will cut wood and it's sure to turn a few heads at the next woodworking association meeting!

Visit Graham's YouTube channel here...

Contributed: 2 Boards that Will Change Your Life Who isn't tired of tripping over two saw benches? If you're a hand tool woodworker you probably use a pair of them for cutting long stock. But there may be a better way! Bill Schenher of Billy's Little Bench has a two board solution that makes a lot of sense. He tells you all about it, complete with instructions and photos to walk you through building your own!

Get the Rockler finger joint clamping system here...

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