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Hi-Tech Dados & Grooves

If a CNC machine and a router table had a baby, what would it look like?


This hi-tech routing setup cuts a perfect 3/4" wide, 1/4" deep dado without any math or measuring- and using a 1/2" bit!

Volume 1, Issue 11 - November 2015

New and Improved Horizontal Router (part 1)

A long time ago we made a simple horizontal router with a tilting table which we planned to use for making raised panel doors. It turned out to be one of the most useful homemade machines in the shop! This all new version takes the idea to a whole new level with a redesigned tracking mechanism and a stand alone design.

On the Bench: Miter Sled

The third piece our table saw sled set is designed specifically for cutting 45 degree miters with precision and confidence. It shares some of the best features with our other two sleds (Mega and Mini), including extendable fences, and it is designed to accept the same stop blocks and micro adjusters as the other sleds too. Look for it in an upcoming issue!

Show Notes (Links, transcript, etc)...

Get plans to build this project here...

Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal

Behind the Sawdust


If you're wondering what the heck is going on with this "magazine" thing, you must have missed this special episode of Behind the Sawdust!

How to coil up a

band saw blade

Mustache Mike shows you how to wrap a long band saw blade into a nice, neat coil for easy storage, without losing your fingers!

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See the "super sled" here...


Authenticating a Shaker Chest of Drawers


(Part 1 of 2) We take a close look at a very old chest of drawers built in the Shaker Style that may or may not be an authentic piece of history. Learn about the Shakers and how the built their furniture while investigating every detail of this piece as we identify clues about its origin.



Should you consider diamond stones?

If you sharpen your tools by hand, you may have considered buying a diamond "stone". After all, they require almost no maintenance and they cut steel faster than traditional stones. But they aren't cheap. So how do you make the right choice? This article tells you all about how they are made, how to spot a good one, what grits you really need and it even reveals what we use in the Stumpy Nubs Workshop.

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Something to think about while the glue dries...

(Quotes, thoughts and funny sayings collected from the all over the internet, and from the mind of Stumpy Nubs)

"23% of traffic accidents involve cell phone use, but 77% do NOT involve cell phone use. Statistics don't lie. It's safer to use your phone."


"I can't find my lucky sweatpants. Now I'm going to totally bomb this job interview."


"SCIENCE FACT: if you took all of the veins from your body and laid them end to end, you would die."


"I'll never understand why the guy that invented braille didn't just put the dots in shape of the actual letters."


"I'm sick of being the guy everyone comes to when they want the money I owe them."


"What do you mean you can't deliver pizza to a pillow fort?"


"It's so cold this morning I had to separate my dogs poop into two seperate bags and use them as hand warmers."


"It's not so much that I love karate as it is that I hate boards."



Hundreds more here...

2015 BF Humor Blog: "Chip's Big Adventure"


Black Friday is the only holiday I get into. It’s a truly American occasion, when people all across the land gather to fight over discount electronics and half off spiral hams in the name of the baby Jesus. I admit that I’ve been guilty of my share of atrocities in Best Buy lines, back when I was dumb enough to spend twelve hours freezing to death to save twenty bucks on something I didn’t really need. I’ve defended my spot like a rabid dog, maybe punching a baby or two. (You never can tell who you’re hitting in crowds like that.) The smell of sweat, blood and shame can never be washed off, and it haunts me to this day. But I’m reformed. I’ve seen the light and I haven’t given in to the dark side in many years. These days I celebrate the occasion in a different way. I buy woodworking tools.


The woodworking shops are far less crowded on Black Friday. And the people are actually friendly. Maybe it’s the smell of sawdust in the air; maybe it’s the fact that we woodworkers are just better than everybody else. Whatever the reason, woodworking stores are a safer place to be on the darkest day of the year. The only problem is that woodworking shops only sell woodworking products. While I do believe that a man can live on tools alone, I also understand that if a man wants to remain happily married he has to pick up milk and eggs when the missus demands it. And wouldn’t you know it, I received the call just as I was leaving home Friday morning. What was I to do? The sale starts at 5 am and if I’m a minute late I may miss out on one of the first cups of complimentary coffee from the fresh pot! I had to think fast. “Yes dear. I’ll take care of it, dear.” I hung up my phone and slammed on the brakes, sending my pickup fishtailing into the snow bank at the side of the road. I got out, dodged a passing car and released the bungee straps that secured Chip and his wheelchair in the back. “You’ve got a job to do.” I told him. “It’s go time!”



How a micro-adjuster

changes everything!

We build a "micro-adjuster" feature into as many jigs as possible because they can turn an ordinary jig into something extraordinary. It seems we aren't the only ones to have caught on!


See how an otherwise simple router base is totally transformed by adding this one powerful feature.

Learn more about the M-Power base here...

Learn more about the Ready2Rout here...

Router Lift Improvement

After using our homemade router lift for a year I found a serious flaw. Yes, I admit it. While I like to think that all of our designs are absolutely perfect in every way, sometimes we find a way to make something even more perfect-er... The good news is this "upgrade" can easily be done even if you've already built your lift. In fact, it can be added to any homemade router plate. What is this big improvement? Watch the video and see!

Get plans for the router table and lift here...

Get the new inserts here...



As I drove away, spraying slush all over Chip as he sat dumbfounded on the roadside, I imagined the warm donuts that awaited me at my destination. I was glad I brought a light jacket- you know how warm they keep it inside those stores. I wondered if I should take in my insulated coffee mug and if they’d have those nice flavored creamers. Oooh! I should get some breakfast after the sale! –These were the things on my mind as I headed off on my great adventure. What was on Chip’s mind was something else entirely. Evidently his day went very differently than mine did. But I’ll let him tell you about it…





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